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RCA Galileo Pro 11.5" 2-in-1 32GB Tablet w/ Keyboard Case HONEST Review (2016)

NOTICE: If you  decide to click the links in thie blog post and purchase mentioned products in this review a percentae of the sale will go to  the  creator of this blog to help with maintenance and day to day living expenses. Are you thinking about purschasing a 2016 RCA Galileo Pro 11. Well you are in the right place! Here in this blog spot I will cover what you need to know  first  and how i decided on  buying one for my self in the  first place. Before I ended up at  my decision I originally had a hp pavilion notebook which I loved to death! It had a lot going for it. The RAM or memory was  like 8 GB. The actual storage capacity was  like 500 GB which meant i could store a whole lot of stuff on it. I had had it for roughly  4 years.  I did all kind of things with it. I typed articles,did music production, made recordings, created  ebooks and lots more. I really did enjoy having it around. Then a few months back it got  stolen when I least expected it and I was b