RCA Galileo Pro 11.5" 2-in-1 32GB Tablet w/ Keyboard Case HONEST Review (2016)

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Are you thinking about purschasing a 2016 RCA Galileo Pro 11. Well you are in the right place! Here in this blog spot I will cover what you need to know  first  and how i decided on  buying one for my self in the  first place.

Before I ended up at  my decision I originally had a hp pavilion notebook which I loved to death! It had a lot going for it. The RAM or memory was  like 8 GB. The actual storage capacity was  like 500 GB which meant i could store a whole lot of stuff on it. I had had it for roughly  4 years.  I did all kind of things with it. I typed articles,did music production, made recordings, created  ebooks and lots more. I really did enjoy having it around.

Then a few months back it got  stolen when I least expected it and I was back to square one. I literally felt a little lost without. I felt like I had  lost a part of myself. Fortunately  a lot  my files were backed up on  Google DRIVE  before so that took care of some of my  worrying.

I knew I had to find myself another  laptop as soon as possible. So I began my search.

I had always wanted something more  portable and sleek to  take around. The idea of an  on the  go tablet with  keyboard was ideal to me.

The only real limitation was  my  budget. I knew I didn't really want to spend more than $250. So I did a lot of research on  notebooks, tablets and laptops in my  price range.

I finally saw something I think I could be happy with. It was the  ASUS E200HA Portable Lightweight 11.6-inch Intel Quad-Core Laptop. It had  4 GB of RAM and  32gb of memory. I knew I planned to  save most of my  work to  Google drive so it wasn't essential that I had lots and lots of  storage.

Plus I could always get a flash drive to add on in the future. I ordered it and  and it  was at my home within a week or so. (Thanks to Amazon Prime.)

I really liked it. It was like having a mini laptop but  just the right size. I could type easily on the  keyboard and the screen was big enough for me to be satisfied with viewing it for long periods of time.

I completed a  few projects on it and was  happy with my purschase. 

Unfortunately a few weeks later I turned it on  and had  an error messsage pop up. It wanted to perform an automatic restart and so I let it. I ended up in an endless loop. I research online how to fix the problem but none of the solutions worked. One  of my biggest mistakes was not  creating a backup on a flash  disk. This would have saved me in the end.

Eventually I contacted Amazon's support  team and  ended up having to ship it back and getting a refund.

So I looked for another  device I could use. This is how I came across the  2016 RCA Galileo 2-in-1 tablet. I saw it and read the reviews and there was a lot of good things being said about it.

The most  appealing thing to me was the ability to  work on it  like a laptop and then  take the screen part off and use it strictly as a tablet. This really fit my  on the  go lifestyle. So I ordered!

I must say for the most part it  fits the bill. It even has a USB port like  the Asus and the  hp pavilion laptop that  had before.

I also ordered a Tecknet  wireless mouse which worked really  well with it.
 i  downloaded microsof word and  powerpoint apps from the google play store. They  work wonderfully with it.

This is an android tablet  so it's almost ike having a bigger version of andriod phone except i can't call or text on it.

Watch the video above for more details!

Real RCA Galileo Pro 11 with keyboard honest review for anyone deciding on whether to buy this or not! Here I personally go over the ins and outs of this on the  go  tablet/laptop. Plus find out what apps to install an what   accessories go great with this  on the  go mobile device!

CLICK HERE FOR TABLET NOW - https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B01MDUH6HX/ref=as_li_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=1789&creative=9325&creativeASIN=B01MDUH6HX&linkCode=as2&tag=everydaymarvi-20&linkId=5a5fef55361dc2042d2b667488c92d22

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