Krispy Krunchy Chicken Franchises Reviews in Bryan TX

Are you  curious to know more about  Krispy Krunchy Chicken franchise? Well you are at the right place because this  blogpost is all about reviews of their food! Enjoy my  personal experience as I go over what I got there and what  my taste experience was like get ready for one  heck of a review baby! This is covers the one located inside of Hillcrest Grocery at 2001 S College Ave,Bryan,TX 77801.

How did I end up at  Krispy Krunchy Chicken in the First Place?

This is a mighty fine  question. I can thank the AIRBNB app for leading to  this destination. You see my Airbnb reservation was  close by and I wanted to grab a quick bite to eat. Plus  I wanted to  try something I had never had before.

What is AIRBnB and is it Good?

I wanted to take out a little bit of time to explain what  AirBnB is to those who may not  be in the know. AirBnB is basically a hotel/motel alternative for those who rather have more of the feel of a  Bed and Breakfast stay.

Everyday people can  choose to rent out  their spare room, space, or even  either house on the AirBnB platform and in return receive cash in return for letting  visitors stay with them.

The  host can perform this  full or part time if they wish. Visitors genreally get a  their stays at a loweer cost than staying ata hotel or  motel franchise chain. This also allows visitors to get more of a homestead  feel. The hosts can be as  active or  as hands-off as they want to be.

This allows any visitors to stay like they  actually live in the town. That’s just my  short  AirBnB review.

Well I needed a break away from it all and AirBnB fit the  bill financially for a weekend.

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Now back to my  restaurant review!

As I was saying….

I am big on  trying  new restaurants and having  new  eating experiences. There is something about it that really brings me to life in general.

So I took a short walk to  a convenience store which housed  the  restaurant  franchise called Krispy Krunchy Chicken twice.

I  ate breakfast there and I enjoyed some breakfast burritos or tacos. At the time they  had a 99 cents special and believe me it was worth it!
There was also this green sauce they provided with the breakfast burritos which was  absolutely  terrific!

 My other  experience was  at lunch. I  took advanatage of their  $6.99 special at the time. This came with 5 chicken wings, fries and a drink.

The Lunch Special Verdict

Let me say   their chicken  is crispy and  crunchy. I don’t know what they put in their batter but it was  totally delicious.
To me it is  just as  good as  KFC or Popeye’s if not  better honestly.
The only issue I had was  the special price  even though it is  $6.99 after taxes for me it came out to  $8.11. I guess I shouldn’t complain too much about that  but I do wish it came out to be about a  buck cheaper.

 It does come with a drink and I did actually end up eating inside the restaurant/convenience store. This meant I ended up with  unlimited refills.  So  with all of this taken in to account it made the whole experience worth it.
I recommend if you are going to have the special. DO NOT GO IN STARVING!
You will want to go in with a little bit of an appetite but not like you haven’t eaten for days. This was just  my experience anyways.

I would recommend the wing meal that I got. I think it would have been perfect if they threw in a biscuit with the special.

 I hope they see this and  take me up on my  recommendation. I think this could be very popular!

Would I Go Back and Should You Go?

I would go back to Krispy Krunchy Chicken franchises in a heartbeat for more of their tasty food. I think you should go too! I hope this review helps you make up your mind!
I have to make another  shoutout to  AirBnB  because if it hadn’t been for  my  reservation being so close to the restaurant I might not have ever gotten a chance to  experience such a delicious  treat!

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Best,Marvin :-]


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