Lance Nekot Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies Review and Real Reaction!

One thing I am absolutely loving right now are Lance Nekot Peanut Butter Sandwich Cookies. What exactly are these yummy little things? Well you are in the right place to learn. This review will breakdown what they are and why you should try them out as soon as possible if you have never had one.

 I  will go over my experience and much more here in this blogpost. So let’s get started!

Let’s start off with how I was able to try them in the first place.


I luckily have a friend who always seems to carry snacks around with him and one day  he  offered  some  Lance Nekot  sandwich cookies to try. He handed me a  small 4 pack of these treats and I proceeded to  consume them. Upon my first bite I was HOOKED!!!

I am already a HUGE fan of peanut butter and the  Nekot cracker cookie  part just really  set it off for me. I almost  ate the whole package in a matter of minutes. I found them so  darn tasty.

 I knew right there and then I had to get some more as soon as possible!


Unfortunately, I kind of forgot  about them  when I would go to the store and some of the stores that I went to just  didn’t have them.

So fast forward about  a month and half later! I was in Target and I went down the snack aisle and found them. I instantly  said to myself that I have got to have these NOW!

I bought an eight pack of them( where each individual package came with 6 cookie sandwiches). I  went through that  pack in about  a day in a half. I  almost couldn’t help myself.


I thought they were so good that  I had to  create a review video for my  Everyday Marvin Review channel on  youtube. I wanted to share my  joy with the whole world. You can watch the full review video above:-]
To me  tasting these delicious treats is almost like taking 2 animal crackers an baking them until they are  ice and brown then  shoving peanut butter in between.
I noticed with Lance that  their peanut butter generally tastes sweeter than your run of the mill creamy peanut butter that  you can buy at the store.

This is probably part of the reason why people love them so much! They say you will love their peanut butter and they are not lying about that!

One of the things I wondered about was what does “Nekot” mean?

I  did  search on  Google and it  pointed me to  a blog  called “Real Southern Men” and their  blogpost titled, “Southern Sweet: Mr. Lance & His Backward Cookie”.
Briefly…..  Nekot is  the word Token spelled backwards. Token was  brand of cookies made back in the day. The Lance brand wanted to make a peanut butter version of it but the Token company was against it. So Lance made their own and called it Token spelled backwards which is  Nekot.

You can read  more about this  interesting background story  at the “Real Southern Men” blog here -

What esle I learn about Lance Nekot Cookie Sandwiches!

They apparently have Nekot in  various other  flavors too like pumpkin, cheesecake, sweet crème,chocolate and lemon. I have as of yet to try these other flavors but when given the chance to I will try them as soon as possible. I am sure they  are just as  delicious if not even more so:-]

I am glad Lance did decide to make these because in this review the Nekot Peanut Butter Cookie Sandwiches are some of the most  delicious things I have ever eaten. Hands down! This definitely a #SandWin in my book:-]


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