Lucktastic VS Make Money VS PERK Scratch and Win VS Lucky Day Apps Review

So you  want to make money with your phone? Well there are definitely simple ways to do it! I have actually found four options that just about anyone can do. These  include  the  following apps: Lucktastic, Make Money app, PERK Scratch and Win and the Lucky Day app.

I have personally  downloaded  each one of these apps and have had  various experiences with them.

This  blogpost is all about  what happened to me after I chose to  download these on my  Samsung Galaxy Note 3  smartphone.

I hope you  enjoy my  versus  review and gleam a lot of knowledge from it. My hopes is that you can  skip the  long drawn out trial process and get straight to the meat of the matter and  have the most positive  experiences that these apps can provide.
So the rest of the review will go as follows. I will cover each  app individually and give the pros and cons overall.

So without  further ado lets get started!
This is the  Lucktastic VS Make Money VS PERK Scratch & Win VS Lucky Day apps review!


The  first one I want to mention is Lucktastic mainly because  I have had the most positive experiences with  this win cash/prizes app out of the four.
I was  initially  playing another game and it  had an advertisement for  Lucktastic. I  was  intrigued by the simple ad and  decided to check it out.

I downloaded it and I  liked the way it  looked immediately. It showed an initial picture of people who had  won and their prizes. It looked like everyday people and it made me feel welcomed and  hopeful that I too would win something by using it.
Basically the deal with Lucktastic is  you are provided several  scratch  cards with  various amounts you can win. The cards range from $1 all the way  up to  $10,000.

These essentially look like cards you would pay for at the  convenience store except you  have no out of pocket  cost to  try them daily.
So there are plenty of  cash cards you could win from. There are also  token cards ranging from 25, 50, up to  900 tokens or so. So if you can’t win any cash you can always rack in some tokens. You could literally not  win one card but  eventually  still get a prize with the Lucktastic app.

This  is because  whenever you  scratch off one of the cards you are automatically  given bonus tokens. This could  be  3,4,10, 24 tokens at a time. The amounts vary  depending on the card.  Once you get  enough of these  tokens you can then you  cash out  for  one of many  prizes.

They have everything from  magazine  subscriptions to  restaurant gift cards to  clothing store gift cards to  charities you can  donate to!
So  eventually you can  get  something back from this app at some point. The best part being you don’t have to pay  a single  dime to use it!

My Winning Experience

The first  few days I actually won a dollar from the lucktastic app and it also came with  some bonus tokens as well. I was pretty  darn excited! Then a week or 2 later I won like 75 cents!

Now one of the biggest mistakes I made was  I cashed out too soon!
What I mean is when you have cash in your account you have  a few options to  work with. One  of those options is to use a website called Dwolla. This is great for cashing out small amounts under $25.
 I would say or if you have at least a dollar.

When I won my  dollar I was very  quick to cash it out  using this method. I then realized after the fact that  Dwolla has a small fee that is tacked on when you transfer money with them and that took my  $1.00 and reduced it to  .99 cent.
Now this may not seem like a big  deal  BUT….. you have to have at least a whole $1 to transfer to your bank or paypal.

So I ended up with a dollar I can’t  get  unless I add more money to my  Dwolla account.

Now if I would have just waited another  week or so. I could have combined my  $1 and .75  to make  $1.75 and could have  cashed out the whole amount to Dwolla and then from there sent it to my  bank.

 You will need to have  at least a $1 in your account to cash out on  Lucktastic. So my  75 cents will remain their until I win more  cash from Lucktastic and  My  99 cents will remain with Dwolla until I  deposit more cash in it. I will keep you posted if that  changes.

This was a learning lesson for me and hopefully one you can borrow and not experience yourself.
I wanted to make everyone aware of this  before they  started. The rules might be different now  but  this was my experience.

Now while that  experience wasn’t the best fortunately I had other better experiences afterwards….

Thankfully Lucktastic has a very good support team and it  came in handy a little while back.

So at one point there was a special celebration going on with lucktastic like an anniversary or something. Well they were giving out extra prizes during  this particular time. I just so happen to  get one of them which was $25 gift card.

Well at the time I had also hit my  data limit for the month. So this meant that my  data speed was slowed down to the  very  slowest. Sometimes this presents  issues and in this case it  did lead to a small one.
So I was playing one of the  Lucktastic games and it  loaded a  screen showing that I had  won a prize. I was excited of course but it took me a little while to realize it. Because the screen loaded so slowly.

Well I hit  the claim button real fast or I think I did. Then the  prize message  disappeared. From what I could remember it said I should  get an email within 2 to 5 days with my prize. So I waited…and waited…and waited. After  about a week or so I was like let me  email the support team and let them know what had happen which was basically I had won a prize but I never received it.
They  got back to me  pretty much within 48 hours within their support ticket  section.

One of the mistakes I also  made was that  I didn’t realize something. The section where I submitted my  support ticket  question was the same  spot I needed to see the response to my  initial question.

This lead to a delay in response on my side but it was learning experience. So for future reference if you have a question for Lucktastic  team just  go the  feedback button on the top of the home screen  and then hit Contact Support  and then you should be  presented with   several different prompts that  could be relevant to one of your  concerns or questions. Just choose one and  submit your  question.

They  sent  an email to me  twice with my  prize notice and all I had to do was click a link and  confirm my  email address that I gained access to my   $25 gift card. They were nice enough to send the email several im
I did win  a $25 gift card by  playing one of the Lucktastic scratch off cards. I also got a  $5 burger king gift card  as well thanks to all the tokens   had won! (I love burger king by the way!)

So my overall experience with Lucktastic has been pretty  good!
One more thing whenever you trade in your tokens to  redeem a prize you  can also take a picture for you and your prize and send it to the Lucktastic team  and they will fill your account with 500 tokens. This happened to me  and I was sure happy about it.
So this pretty much sums up my  experience with Lucktastic which I still play on a daily  basis.

There are a few scratch off cards like the  777 one where when you  hit it  it will take you to a list of apps you can  download in order to gain access to the card. You don’t have to do it. You  can  simply hit the back  button once you are presented with  the list of apps to potentially download and then you will be taken back to the 777 card to scratch off like normal.

The Lucky Day App

 I don’t know exactly how I ran across the Lucky Day app honestly. LOL. I  just  ended up downloading it  one day.
It similar to  Lucktastic in that  it is also a scratch off situation where you  scratch   off cards to   match 3  images/icons/whatever to  win a prize. Most  of the time the prize is cash like a $10, $50,$100,  and even $10,000.
So this app  isn’t extremely hard to figure out honestly.

What I like most  about  Lucky Day  is that  they  really give you  A LOT OF TOKENS. Seriously  you can get  1000, 2000,  and up to  5000 bonus tokens at a  time just for scratching off cards.
At the time my only real gripe with the Lucky Day app was the fact that  I couldn’t redeem all my  tokens.

Their rewards section was  under construction and so  I was a little upset about that. Since I finally had the capabilities to do something with all of my tokens.
I  sent an email to their support team and  I got response  back saying that I  should  update my  app.. I did it and low and behold  the  rewards section was up and running. I was very happy about that

Unfortunately when I went to redeem  my tokens most of the  first   things I could have  cashed out  were  SOLD OUT. I bet this due o a slew of people waiting to cash out and  the rewards sections being hit  up suddenly.

I decided I was going to wait  and aim for a bigger prize. I eventually cashed out for a $10 paypal gift card which was  sent directly to my  paypal account and I ended up using on an uber ride t o essentially get it for free!
The Lucky Day also  gives you a chance to  make  free entries everyday to possibly receive one of several gift cards like Subway,Walmart, Amazon, Starbucks. I haven’t won any of these yet but  it’s cool to have free chances to  win them.

The other thing is   there is  a separate  game  for $100,000 jackpot lottery game. You simply pick 6 numbers and then wait for  till 9pm CT/ 10 PT to  see if you r numbers have won.

You can either pick the  6  numbers yourself or  have the  app pick them for you. I have  won lots of free tokens this  way  but  no cash as of yet.
They are also other  mini games on Lucky Day but the ones I covered are your  best an surest bet

The Make Money App

This one is different from the previous  2 apps mentioned because it isn’t a scratch off situation. You  basically try  different offers and you  receive credits in return.
This could be a  downloading a game app and playing for 10 minutes or  trying out a free offer that a company may be  giving at the time. I have actually won  cash from this app but I did have to work for it.

I played  plenty of  games and tried several  offers to finally reach my  $5 cash out which I transferred  straight to Paypal and used however I wanted to.
At one point they  offered around 17  or 19 thousand  credits just to  play  the  Arnold Schwarzenegger  game Mobile Strike. If you  chose to play it  and reach a certain level then you could receive  a crazy amount of  credits for literally  just   playing on your phone.

You can even watch videos and earn credits.
What I  like most about the app is that a notification will pop up on your screen confirming how many credits you got.
The only thing I would really recommend is that whatever data connection you are on  when you  first installed the  app try to  stay on that same connection when trying out different offers. This will allow you to get  your credits much faster and it’s more likely you get them period.
I tried  trying out  different   offers with the Make Money app while on wifi instead of  my  mobile data and I either had my credits severely delayed or I never received them at all.
When I looked at the list of  offers and apps I tried in ordered to get credits about  a third of them I never received.

I did manage to  cash out with t his  app  but I would say  stick with the higher  credit offers t  expedite the amount of credits that you and get to cash out. I  would also  say the “awesome offers” list because it seems to be the one that gives you credits the  easiest  and has the better offers to try.

PERK Scratch & Win

So we finally come down to the  last app I tried which was  PERK Scratch and  Win.
I saved this one for last because out of all the  4 apps this one  seemed the leas worth my time. This app brings us back to the  scratch card situation.

 There are several games you  can play  but  the main thing is the Walmart and  Amazon gift card scratch off  games. These  don’t require any  use of the points you have already won.

The main attraction of this  app is  that   you could possibly win a Walmart  or  Amazon gift card  at random since they  do  giveaway everyday.
You can use the  points that you  collect to enter into  drawings  for  various  prizes.
You can earn 2 different kinds of  tokens and it’s not exactly clear what the difference  is between the  2.

I played this app for maybe month or so and then I  decided to  uninstall it. I used all the points I earned to  enter contest but  I didn’t win anything.
You can actually cash out your points/tokens that you receive for actual cash but the   ratio for  points to cash is barely even worth it. For instance you would probably need like  some crazy amount just to get a 1 cent back. So I didn’t think this was worth my time.
Especially when I play the other apps and get  to cash  out  win prizes more easily.


So I would rate  these apps  as the following:

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Best,Marvin :-]


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