Chase Bank Review – Is Chase a Good Bank to Bank with Best Coupon Code (WHY I LIKE CHASE)

Are thinking about  banking with Chase? Are you  curious to know is Chase a good bank to bank with? Well you have come to the right place my friend. Here I will share my experiences  since I have actually used  this bank to  conduct  business online and offline. Here is my  chase bank reviews blog post! I will also share information about  the  popular  cashback  chase  coupon code as well.
So let’s get started…..

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The Chase Coupon Code Offer

I  started with chase a few years back. I like many others   had been receiving postcards in the  mall saying how I could get  cash back  for  starting a checking account with them.

It  started with around  $50 I believe then  went up to $75. I kept telling myself I already had a bank account and  didn’t really need another one .
It  got another one for up to $100 and I was like well if it get a little higher then I might  reconsider. So  finally came the day when I received an offer that I couldn’t resist.

They were offering  $150 cash back for creating a  bank account with them and  I just couldn’t say no.

So I went to their online chase bank website and  began the  creation  process. Along with the  postcard there was a chase coupon  code I needed to put in in order to be  eligible for the  cashback.

 I believe one of the requirements was that I  had to keep the  account for  at least a year and  deposit a certain amount of money in it like a  hundred dollars or so over a course of  90 days.

This wasn’t a big issue since all I had to do was  transfer some money from my other account to my new chase bank one.

Let me tell you  setting up a money transfer with  chase bank online is  pretty darn  easy. I have done it  countless times now and it  is generally done within a few days. Some where around  2 to 3 business days generally.

So after I setup my account online  I quickly realized I hadn’t put in my chase bank coupon code for the special offer.

So I looked frantically for the place to  place my  code and  I was able t locate a special offers section. I placed in my  code that was provided and then I received an error message

I placed my code in the  box again and red lettering came back to me. Something about this offer is not  valid.

I was a bit devastated but to be honest I believe I had overlooked something during the   creation process and that  lead to my  supposedly missing out on the   cashback bonus.

Show Me the Money!!!

So flash forward to about  60 days or so later.

I am out with some  friends and I decided to check my  new chase account. I took a look and then I had to look again. There was a major increase in my  funds all of a sudden.

I investigated further and looked at my transaction history and sure enough I was eligible for the  $150 cash back offer.

I saw a  credit  of $150  specifically  stating that it was  for  cashback offer. I was so surprised and happy. There is nothing like surprise money let me tell you!

So how has life been since I created my account  several years ago?

The Longterm Result

Well things have actually been pretty cool honestly.

I am able to easily check my  account details online. I can perform money transfers from yy  other  bank account  real easy and I even do it in  reverse if need be.

I get  notifications when money is  drawn out of my account.
When I was  offered credit cards from  chase bank and  I was able to see and pay those accounts under the  same  checking account all in one place.
I will be honest and say that chase is not my only bank account. I had another one  for several years before and I still have it.

But I think it is  smart to have to have your money  in more than one place. For instance, say I lose my debit card for one of my bank accounts then I have a backup.

Or say I have been a victim of  some kind of scam and they get access to one of my  bank accounts I still have a back up one.

This also gives me multiple  businesses to do business with  since I already have a working relationship with more than one bank.To me the advantages are  endless and I NEVER regret having my chase bank account in addition  to my other one.

So if I were you and you were considering getting a chase bank account. I would say go right ahead! There really isn’t much to lose. Give yourself a little leeway even if you already have a bank account. It really doesn’t hurt to have more than one.
You could even treat it like a  makeshift  saving account  if you wanted to as long as you meet the minimum account activity  requirements. This is meant to provide you  information and not  intended as  advice. Is chase bank a good bank to bank with? I surely think so! That how I feel with my  chase bank reviews here.

 Chase Bank Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Will chase bank accept rolled coins? Does chase bank take coins?

You can exchange up to $200 in  coins as long as they are  wrapped.

Does chase bank do personal loans? Yes

Chase Bank does not offer personal loans for things like paying off your credit card debt, taking a vacation or financing a wedding, but it does offer a number of other loan products. As a consumer, you can get Chase Bank loans for different types of mortgages as well as buying a car.

Does chase bank accept cash deposits?

Yes if it is in to you r own account. I have don this through  the bank drive thru,inside and in the atm ad the money is usual available  quickly.

Does chase use  zelle? Does chase bank have  zelle?

Chase customers now have broader access to an easy, safe and fast way to pay other individuals through the ZelleSM network. When Chase customers use Chase's person-to-person payments functionality, they'll automatically see Chase QuickPay® with Zelle in the Chase Mobile® app and on

Yes what is zelle it is simply an  easy way to send money  to friends and family without a lot of hassle primarily through mobile devices. It can make money  available instantly to a receiving  party  even though the money itself may still have to go through processing.

Does chase bank exchange  foreign currency or can chase bank exchange currency? yes

Does chase bank convert  currency/money? Yes but there is generally a charge so please see website for  more info.

Does chase bank do home loans? Yes

does chase bank do home improvement loans? yes

Can chase bank notarize or  do notary public? yes

Can chase bank cash checks? yes

Chase total checking
How much money do you need to open an account with chase?
$25 to open checking account
$12 monthly fee
$500 direct deposit or  minimum balance of 1500
Or $5000 average in linked accounts

How much does it cost to open a chase bank account? $25 to open a basic chase  account
Chase premier plus checking $25
Chase premier platinum checking $100
Chase college checking or  high school $25

What do I need to open a chase account?

Driver’s license, social securtiy card,initial deposit and proof of residence
Chase coupon code

Is chase a member of  fdic?
Yes they are  a Memebr of the  FDIC.

What does FDIC stand for?
FEDERAL DEPOSIT  INSURANCE  CORPORATION - preserves and promotes public confidence in the U.S. financial system by insuring deposits in banks and thrift institutions for at least $250,000; by identifying, monitoring and addressing risks to the deposit insurance funds; and by limiting the effect on the economy .

Thank you again for  reading and checking out my review of  chase bank. I hope this answers the question of  is  chase bank a  good bank to bank with? Which I seriously believe it is.

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