Make Money on Fiverr Seller Review - How I Made $700+ on Fiverr with (NO SCAM & Totally Legit) Part 1


Hello my name is Marvin and I am the owner of  Everyday marvin reviews channel on youtube. Today I am going to step out of my  comfort zone a little bit and  do a good overall review of  the make money online freelance website  Fiverr. You may wonder what is fiverr and can you really make money online with it? Or is fiver is  legit  or a scam?

Well I  am here to answer both in a  very  thorough way. I want this  article to  serve as  reference for  beginners, intermediate and even advanced online money makers. Primarily those who want to make  money on fiverr website.
One of the biggest reasons being that you don’t have to invest any money to  do it.
This will also be a beginning  to a  short series of videos I will be sharing  about the  freelance website fiverr.
I will be sharing not  only my own experiences and advice but  that of  those who have been doing it WAY Longer than me and who have  been leaps and bounds more  succcessful using this platform for selling.

I will also  share  the resources  that helped me  and  can seriously help you  earn your first  $1 online with fiverr and just make  more period. These will be  a couple of  free and  paid online resources with you.

So without  further ado ….Let’s get started with

How did I get started in the first place???
Well to be honest since my  early  20s  I have been obsessed with making money online honestly. But I didn’t like sharing this information with  family or  friends because lets’ face it  they generally give you that  weird look.
They can say things like  “that’s a scam” or “all that  stuff is fake” or  “you can’t make money online”. I don’t know about you  but I am very sensitive when it comes to things I am personally interested in. If I get too much negative  feedback I end up quitting.
So  I  primarily kept this  interest to myself.
I had heard about  fiverr but only thought of it as  a place to buy  random  things. I soon realized that  I could use it as place to  sell my services and make some nice  side money.
I decided to start off with  selling a singing course I had created.
I  had  originally  tried selling the course online on my on website, but I only ended up  selling a few copies of the course.
I had  heard about  fiverr before just  causally  browsing around online. But  I decided that I would attempt to  sell a mini version of the singing course online for  $5.
I had  also started a  youtube channel called Quick Singing Tips a  couple of months  prior  which still exists and that I occasionally uploaded videos to. This was helpful as well.

Some things I did to Help sell my  gig
One of the things I did to help sell it was to take the  url or  web address to my fiverr salespage and place it  in  various places I had content already.
For instance I used the video description box in the videos from my youtube quick  tips singing  channel to promote my  gig on  fiverr. This helped me pull in some  sells. Mainly because once people saw the free content on youtube and found that it worked. They then became curious  about  how I could help them in other ways.
I also went on  to twitter and  searched for  people with  singing  issues. I found these people who had  questions on singing and  answered their  questions and provided free video tutorials from my  youtube channel. This got more eyeballs on my  fiverr link. This was all great targeted traffic.

I also had  created an instagram account and  uploaded mini versions of  the  youtube videos on it with the right specific tags that  people were looking for relating to singing.
 I would upload these videos several times  a day and  respond to those with  questions about singing. As well as search for singing  upload videos and give helpful advice.

I placed the link to my  youtube channel on instagram and reminded others that I gave singing lessons as well. It got to the point where people who had seen my free content on  Instagram  and other places  started asking if I gave singing lessons. I  promptly directed them to  my  fiverr gig where they could easily buy it.

In a lot of ways it comes down to building a web of promotion with helpful solid content that people can use quickly. Once they put your  advice to work and  see that it works they are WAY MORE LIKELY TO BUY FROM YOU in the future.

Staying consistent with uploading content on instagram, youtube and various other places drew more and more attention until I started making more sells.

I even started booking skype singing lessons and making more money. This was the first gig to really help me make more regular sales on fiverr.
On my  fiverr gig I simply offered “ I will give you instant singing lessons”. These were lessons I had already prepared on video and  placed together in a  zip file. This included several videos, singing tutorial audio files and a pdf. When a person  ordered my  gig  I was sent a notification from fiverr and I would log in and respond with a download link.
This took no more than a few minutes. Then once the customer marked the order as complete I would receive payment in  about  roughly  2 weeks. Which I would then transfer to  my  paypal account.
It was very  copy and paste for me.

Eventually  I decided to start offering  3  different packages.
One was the starter pack with the basic materials
Then  there was the  Intermediate  version and then finally   there was the  top package where I included an additional  25 minute live  skype call tutorial with the customer.

The packages allowed me to  offer something  for everyone because frankly  not everyone can afford the highest package. So  There was the started at  $5 and the  intermediate at  $10 then the  top packagae at  $25.
If you can do this I highly  recommend going this route. There is a lot of money to be made this way!
I liked when they  would go for the top package because it meant I could sell less and make more. I enjoyed doing the live lessons and this gave  each customer  custom tips and tricks to help their voices specifically. They felt like they were getting real value from  one on one training.
Plus I got paid to do something I do everyday which is  singing. I was happy too!
Eventually I had to stop offering the  top package because  I had less and less time available to  do live lessons as time progressed.
I still offer the basic  course and you can  check out  the link  below  if you want help with your singing from me.
I  was making sells and getting more per customer  due to the  3 level package deal I had  going on. Generally  1 out of  every  5 or  4  customers would upgrade to the highest package thus making me more money over time with  less work
I still had my day job at this time and so this  made me a  nice  bit of side money every month and no one around me  really knew about my  side  gig.


Another thing I did too was whenever someone would buy I would ask them how they  found my  gig and most of the time when they would respond they would say  it was through the  fiverr search itself.

This told me that  I had  set up a  good  sales page and that making a good sales page does matter. So using relevant terms in the  sales description and   the tags were helping me  to  get my  gig shown more  often. When people were looking for how to sing gigs or lessons.

I took a look in the fiverr search engine myself and I also didn’t have a lot competition when it came to  providing singing lessons. So this also helped quite a bit.

ANOTHER thing I want to point out is pushing  benefits over features
The gig I initially offered is by no way  a traditional hot seller on  fiverr. I wouldn’t recommend starting off with a gig like this.  Mainly because there isn’t a huge market for  it on fiverr for those looking or singing lessons generally. Plus if you want to make money faster and more of it and get to success sooner than here’s some  better starter options to aim for or should I say in-demand gigs that  have been proven to be hot sellers
 The  top sellers  are things like:
Logo design, business card design, social media promotion,white board animation,web design,search engine optimization, and more
You might be interested in offering one of these services yourself and they have been proven to be profitable but I wouldn’t dare  start without a little more  background knowledge on how to best  position yourself for success.

Fortunately there is  some  good help out there.
Such as the actual Fiverr Blog that gives great information.
 Fiverr forum where you can communicate and learn from other  fiverr sellers with various levels of  expertise.
Fiverr help center
You can learn everything from   creating a  gig to  learning how to get paid when it is completed
These resources  should be your first go to spot for  help with your online fiverr career.
Youtube can also be a great help as well.
One person I have learned a lot from in the  past couple of months is  Corey Ferreira.
He is one of  fiverr’s top sellers and has many gigs that have made lots of money. He is also a  great resource for  tips and tricks. He has been doing Fiverr for years and  can help speed up your success immensely.
His e-book which I happen to get a free copy of by chance called Fiverr Success was  chuck full of so much  advice  that I felt like I should have paid for it instead. Lol
He  broke down exactly what the hottest selling gigs were, how to set them up for success the  fastest, how to deliver  the gigs and how to increase profit  margins with good gig extras.
I am telling you if you want to  short cut to  more success with fiverr this is the guy to  listen to.I am gonna provide a link to his website so you can also benefit from his knowledge like I did.
You should go  now to and learn more about him and really turn your fiverr efforts into gold!
Again give this guy a shot you won’t regret it!
I want to thank you for taking out time to read my article  today and I hope it was helpful to you no matter where you are on your fiverr journey.
Share this with a friend who might be interested in making money online or fiverr.
Don’t be afraid to leave a comment or  question below and don’t’ forget to
Check out Corey Ferreira website that provides FREE Fiverr advice to help you boost sales and orders.




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