My Top 5 WORST UBER RIDES - Read My Real Customer/Rider Reviews

Here I share MY  TOP 5 WORST EVER UBER RIDER experience reviews with you. This is where I was the customer/rider. These moments just had to be  shared and should  be rather entertaining to say the least.

Hi my name is Marvin and I  the youtube channel EverydayMarvin Reviews where I cover  various experiences I have had using  different  products.

Today’s focus  will be on the Uber ridesharing app service. This will be me reviewing uber drivers and with me as a rider/customer  for a  few  less then ideal rides I took  using this  service.


Now going back to the main event….
 At this point in time I have officially taken 70 uber rides and so I would like to say I am pretty  darn familiar with the platform and the process from  setting up pickup to the final dropoff.

 I have decided to share my  top  5 worst uber driver exepericnes with me as the rider/customer. No specific names will be listed but  each on will be given a  somewhat fitting alias.

I want to start at  #5 which is  bad and end up at number one which was abd but end up at  number #1 which was probably the  worst experience I have had  out of all of them

#5 The  Gospel  Groovy One

This one fell on a Saturday and I was wanting  a ride to  another town not too far from where I was and In this new town I would be  looking forward to a nice  get away at  my  airBnB reservation. Just in case you don’t know what  Airbnb is  it is basically  like booking a hotel  but  except for you  get a place at someone’s house for  a time being. I made a video all about and will attach it  along with a link to try the  service with a free $40 credit! Enjoy!

Well I was looking forward to a very relaxing  time and though the physical ride itself would go pretty smoothly. The mental,physcological and auditory aspects  wouldn’t ,because my  uber driver  wanted to share his full on musical taste with me. Which shouldn’t be a horrible thing in  and of itself. I have actually heard quite a few  good songs this way. Unfortunately what I hopped into was a a FULL ON  GOSPEL TRAIN riding experience.

Now let me give out a little background on me. I come from a very  religious background. my family  loved listening to  gospel music from the time I was   a baby until I dang near moved away during my  college years. So that’s a lot of years of  music. I don’t really have that  much against it but my  musical palette has expanded quite a bit since that time.
So the last ting I want to hear when I hop into my  Uber  ride for a weekend of  fun is old gospel music. If I wanted that I would checked to see if a local church provided uber  rides.
He was  really bumping it too! I didn’t know if maybe I should ask him to turn it  down or if that would seem rude. So  I did the best I could. Fortunately  I had my  earphones with me which I carry just about everywhere. I had to do something to cancel out all that noise during my ride.

So I decided hop on  youtube  determined to block it out as much as possible I felt like some early  2000s  nostalgia so I ended up watching  “Toxic”  AND “Oops! I did it again” by Britney spears. This did put me in a pretty  good mood but I could still hear his  music bumping in the background.
I was so glad when I finally reached my destination! You don’t know…lol
I never want to set foot in that car or be driven by that driver ever again!

#4 The UPSET LADY/The Frantic Lady

Now this particular one was not too long ago actually. I just need to run an errand real quick. My driver was an older lady with glasses in  her  mid  to late forties I believe. When I hopped in  she  seemed  nice enough. Apparently she had just gotten back from a  class reunion and was in good spirits.
I listened to her  talk about that and asked a few  friendly  questions like how her day was  so on. She had a relatively nice  car and seemed pretty  friendly.
Well she probably would have  stayed that  way if it wasn’t for the upcoming accident.
So I was about  2 thirds of the way to my destination and  we happened to run into  a traffic accident. Apparently someone had ran in to someone esle at an intersection and it was  blocking the normal way I was suppose to take for my route to my errand.

Now this by itself shouldn’t be a big alarm.. accidents happen all the time. But… something about this one made my  driver real upset. She started  talking louder and giving her own commentary on what she saw. Then when she started backing up another car was behind us and she  start talking angrily at that car. I understand it was an awkward situation but I expect my driver to keep their cool a little better. Shew as definitely demonstrating some road rage.

I wanted to hop out of the car right then and there but I had already came so far. It was a few minutes  before we could finally make our way  to my destination and then i needed her to take me back as well. So I stuck it out. But I did have her drop me off a little ways before my stop
I NEVER want to be driven by that lady again!!!!

#3 The Complainer

So this time I had to run another errand. I was  patiently waiting  and while I did I decided to take a look at the profile information about  my  driver before they got here.

What I was reading was all good stuff! There were several friendly  comments left  from other  riders. I thought to myself …I am in for a treat then This should be fun for about 10 minutes or so until I get to where I need to go.
So my uber  driver arrives and I hop in.  In my head I am like I am ready for the fun to begin. So we start  conversating and I mentioned how I had looked at her profile. I told her that it looks like you have been driving  for a while. She replied with a  yes but  it isn’t what it used to be. She mentioned when she first started which was  a year and half ago roughly that she was  getting rides all the time.  Unfortunately  she said that has changed since many more people now drive for uber. She complained that people say you can make a full time income with uber  but there was no way to really  make that kind of money.
She seemed really bitter about all of this and it  kind of  brought  down  my  experience unfortunately. The more she talked the less I was enjoying.
To me it’s ok to  make a small gripe or complaint but you should turn that around and bring it back to positive pretty quickly when representing another company essentially that you choose to work for of your own free will.
Pus she was telling me  she was  nurse or  nurse aide of some sort and she was doing this in between checking patients apparently.
She also told me some story about how her and a friend went out of town to  drive for uber  near austin or somewhere and that she didn’t like the experience at all She just had to come back after that.
I  got out of the car with a bad taste in mouth after that one.
I also never want to have that driver again!

Now we are getting to the  top 2
Well the  previous ones were sort of bad the next  2 are definitely  top my list for a good reason.


So this time I was  at a pretty good sized  shopping center waiting for my ride. I saw the information on them beforehand and I thought they seemed ok. Now when I think about them I get literally kind of scared. HONESTLY!!!!
So it started off not too bad but it progressively got worst.
So I was waiting and I had an idea of what the car would look like thanks to Uber.  While I was waiting I got a call on my phone but I didn’t recognize the number so I didn’t  answer. Then I thought  shoot that is probably  my ride. So I looked around  and  then I saw my ride  drive right pass me.
 I  tried to waved in hopes that they would see me in the  rearview mirror but they  didn’t  they just kept on  driving. So they called me again and I answered.  I told them I wasn’t too far away and shortly  there after I was in the car.
They were apologizing for  not getting it right. I told it was ok because  it was a big shopping center and the  directions that the app gives can be  bit confusing sometimes.
So once we got pass that the real ride began…..
One thing I noticed was they  didn’t want  to seem to want to make eye contact with me not even   at he beginning of the ride as I can recall. There was some random EDM music going on in his car. I couldn’t place exactly who or what it was. It felt like they had some  royalty free music going on.
So as I sat
I could kind of tell the guy  was  socially awkward and I will admit  that I can  be  socially awkward too depending on the  situation.
Unfortunately I couldn’t understand half the stuff he said during most of the ride and the stuff I could understand was  kind of  disturbing.
Here is what I learned in my less than 15 minute ride

1. He rambled on  about how he doesn’t trust  cops. He doesn’t follow the law intentionally. He texts and drives all the time apparently.  texts and  drives on purpose out of spite.
2. He also seem very pumped about this new law going into affect where a person will be able to  carry  sword with them. He mentioned  about  how the second it went in to effect he was gonna  go out and buy his own sword. He seems abnormally excited about this and mentioned how he was gonna carry it with him all the time.
I felt so uncomfortable in the car listening  to this  dude. I almost wanted to stop the ride and just hop out and walk the rest of the way. Lol
I am not sure if he  had an accent or what, but it was kind of hard to keep up.
The only saving grace about his ride was  that he had  bottled waters all over the inside of his car for  riders. I did take one since he offered. I drank it later and it wasn’t bad.
He also  had candy in his car which I didn’t take  part in.
I pretty darn happy when this ride ended.

I  had to  get  one more ride before the end of the day  and it was a  good one. I had had the driver before actually and he was cool.  I ended up telling both of my stories to him and he was  astounded at  the bad experiences. We both had a good laugh too.
One of the advantages with Lyft  from what I have heard is that you  can rate that  ate driver poorly and not match you up with them again.

I wish Uber would  incorporate this!!!


So  the final bad driver AND ABSOLUTEL THE WORST EVER FOR ME!!!
This one gets the number one spot due to the  length of the drive  and how it really seemed to drag on and on.
Out of all the drivers I have had for uber this one is the #1 person I would NEVER want again IN MY LIFE!
So this time I was  wanting a ride to visit a friend I hadn’t seen in a while in a nearby  town.
I was really  looking forward to visiting and it was  dark at this point.
They always say don’t judge a book by its cover but sometimes your instincts can be  right on people by simply taking a look at their picture.
When I was assigned my  driver I  took a look at their picture and  thought I am not sure about this person but  I also thought  I would just brush it off and that not I was hopefully wrong.
UNFORTUNATELY  MY instincts were right on  POINT with this one.
The trip  I needed was  about  45  minute drive and so it was gonna be longer than your  average uber ride.
I was hoping for a nice smooth  ride with either a fun conversation  or  quiet time with me and my  earphones.
So my pickup spot was actually  towards the outskirts of  town and I was  waiting on a hill of  sorts.
My  ride showed up in a van which was  expected. They had a little issue getting up the  hilly drive way but they  eventually got it.

  I opened the  door and confirmed their name as I usually  do with every uber/lyft ride. They had a unusual name and I had mispronounced it. This was an  innocent mistake. They corrected me but they  did it in a kind of  rude and forceful way. I was immediately turned off and from then  on the riding experience went down hill.
I normally hop in to back seat  because that’s how I like to be driven when with an uber/lyft driver.  To me  this half of the point of use these services which is to be catered to. They tried to be friendly and have me in the  front seat  but I declined. I don’t like sitting upfront next t a stranger personally.
So since my  ride was longer than a usual one they needed to make a stop to grab gas. I understand this
Fortunately there  was a gas station not too far from my pickup spot. So I thought ok this is a good spot also for me to grab a drink or food  for the  long drive.
So we arrived at the gas station and while she was filling up I hopped out and told her I was gonna grab  something real fast.
She immediately turned and asked me  could I get her something and forced money to me. I was kind of turned off more by this. Now  if she would have asked friendly like  I wouldn’t have had such an issue with it but…  she didn’t
She asked like it was expected of me or something.
This made me so upset to where when I went in the store I didn’t feel like grabbing something for myself. I just got her coke drink that  she forced me to get and got out as quickly as possible

It didn’t help that inside of the store everyone seemed to be taking their sweet time. There were like 2 or  3 people ahead of me in line and  no one was in any  kind real rush. Having conversations about  something I could care less about.
Finally  I came out and  I was really ready to  go. I gave the Uber  driver her  drink and  change. I also hopped back in the  back seat. Only to be told that she  wanted me to sit  in the front seat.
I tried to  refuse but she pretty much forced me to sit where I didn’t feel comfortable at all.
 Now I understood at the time it was dark and maybe she didn’t feel entirely  safe with a person in  the backseat. BUT… I was paying for this ride   so I didn’t see why  she couldn’t just let me  sit where I wanted to.
This made things very awkward and it became more so because after we left The gas station she was talking on the phone to someone. Her conversation was loud and very  unprofessional.
I decided to  put in my earphones and block her out. So I started listening to my music and looked forward to the ride ending.
 Then suddenly she decided that she needed to get off the phone and focus on  driving the long road to my  destination.
 I still had my  earphones in at this time and then she  says to me to the effect of….  “I know I am not about to drive  this long road and your not  gonna talk to me.”

I was like  “what?!” inside my head. So I put away my  headphones and tried to have conversation with her, begrudgely. I asked a few questions  about her uber experience and how long she had been driving. She had mentioned that this had been her part time job and that she worked for whataburger full time. I told her that for one summer I had worked for whataburger on the night/graveyard shift. I ended up quitting due to  the stress of the whole experience.
So we had that in common and she was familiar with my old boss. We talked about  that.
So it seemed like I had  seen the worst of the ride……
Then it hit. I think I mentioned something about how I had read an article somewhere about  uber testing out  automated cars.
Then she went left field on me .
She started quoteing stuff from the bible and about how  that was  sign of the  rapture and end of days.
I was like lady you just lost me!
At this point all I could say was  nothing. We were nearing my destination and I was determined to get out of the car AS QUICKLY AS POSSIBLE.
So once we got into town I made her stop at the first gas station we saw and let me out. This was about 5 minutes or so before my  real destination.
I knew my way the rest of the way  even though it was dark out. I thanked her and then went on my way.
I was  so happy to  get out of that car and away from that driver. Fortunately  for me there was  subway at the  gas station I had been left off at  and I grabbed myself a sandwich to help  compensate me for all the stress and discomfort I had  just been put through.
She  did get me to my destination but the trip was anything but delightful all the way through.
So with that last one this tops my  top 5  worst uber  driver  and me as a rider/customer experience reviews.
As of late I have been mixing it up with my  ridesharing  experiences. I now  try to leave my options open. So I either  use lyft or uber at this point.

Lyft has been giving me a lot of  discounts  as of  late  and their rides can be cheaper than uber at times. So now I open up both  apps and  just compare how much the ride will be on  both and then choose accordingly.
It is all about getting to my destination as  cheaply as possible.
I will also be the first to admit that with  lyft the drivers are  generally a little friendlier and I am as of yet to have a bad  lyft riding experience ,honestly.
I hope you  found my   top 5  worst  uber riding  experience reviews entertaining and  informative. Don’t forget to check out those  freebies and discounts too while your at it.


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