DREAM PAIRS Men's New Flexible Recreational Athletic Running Sport Sneakers Shoes (160373-M) REVIEW

Do you  need to know more about the DREAM PAIRS Men's New Flexible Recreational Athletic Running Sport Sneakers Shoes (160373-M)? Are you thinking about  buying them but just aren’t quite sure yet? Well you are most definitely in the right place then.

My name is Marvin and I just love reviewing things. This will actually be my first  shoe review honestly but I think there is plenty to grasp here. You will also obtain some tips for online shoe shopping that could prove very  useful to you. So without further ado here comes my  shoe review.

So how it all began….
I originally  owned another pair of running shoes called Fila Mens Memory Finity Running Shoes. I absolutely loved them. At first I used them strictly for working out and  doing weekly runs. Then eventually they transitioned to  everyday shoes for me.

I owned them for  over  2 years and they were really great. Well just like with most great things they started to  come apart a bit towards the end. It was getting to the point where I would hate it when it  rained, because it meant that  if I used my shoes  the water would  soak through the soles to my socks.

I was  in dire need of a replacement. So my  FILA Men’s Memory Finity Running Sneakers shoes were  at their end.

So the search began for  a new pair of shoes that  I could call my own.
I  had originally  gotten  my previous shoes from the Academy shoe store and I had gotten several shoes in the past from there as well. The prices were  decent and they have a wide selection.

 The only issue was  I really didn’t have much time to  go to the actual store and  try on shoes for  an hour.

I checked out their website but I couldn’t find a  pair of shoes at both a good  price and with a look I desired. I was really looking for another pair of FILAs like I had  before.
Unfortunately, I  didn’t realize that all I had to do was type in the brand name and  model number of my  FILA shoes and I could have found them and possibly reordered them. I  didn’t realize this until after I had already purchased my  Dream Pairs.

So I searched Google with a few different  terms like “mens comfortable shoes”, “mens everyday shoes” and so on. A lot of the websites that came up were aimed towards women.

Finally I decided to check out Amazon and  finally ran across the brand  Dream Pairs. In specific I saw  the DREAM PAIRS Men's New Flexible Recreational Athletic Running Sport Sneakers Shoes (160373-M).

I was  instantly impressed with the look and design of  the shoes. I had similar  shoes and so  there was already  familiarity  built in for me.

I  read a couple of reviews and  read about some of the features. People were leaving good comments about it and the features seem to make for a  nice shoe all around.

A few of the  features are:
*Cushiony, Comfy Insole
*Made in the USA
*Flexible, Non-Marking Outsole Easy Movement
*Breathable Mesh Upper with Soft Lining
* and MORE!

So I ordered them and received them in a few days. I was  excited to try on my  new shoes and  after about  day or so of  breaking them in  they fit quite nicely.

They also looked great. One of my favorite  things about them was  their inexpensive price tag. I  got my pair  for about  roughly $20.

This was one of the cheapest running shoes I had  ever purchased.
Another online shoe shopping tip I would give to anyone is try to  try on the shoes or a similar ones that you like first before you make your purchase online. This will help  give you a better idea of what  to expect once you r online purchase comes in the mail.

It really benefited me that I had  had  similar shoes to what I was ordering so I roughly knew what to expect.

The other tip I heard floating around is try to order one size up when ordering shoes online.

I actually tried to apply this advice but unfortunately since I wear a size  13 there were no larger sizes to choose from. Otherwise I would have  done this.

My overall  honest review opinion is the DREAM PAIRS Men's New Flexible Recreational Athletic Running Sport Sneakers Shoes (160373-M) is  just what the doctor ordered. They look good, fit well and  the price is just right for not breaking the bank. Make sure to watch the video I made for this review. I  wear the shoes and put them to work with a live walking demo.

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