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Taylor Swift 1989 Deluxe EDITION Album Reaction and Review

Hey there! Are you searching for a reaction to  Taylor Swift's 1989 album online? Well you are in just the right place my friend. Last week I focused on  her  most recent album Reputation  which she is currently on tour for. Follow Me on Twitter and  Instagram @EverydayMarvin This week I thought it would be nice to travel back in time a little  bit and review the album that lead up to her  current status as  an artist. I decided to sit down with my  camera and film my reaction to her  1989 album Deluxe Edition. I had a lot of fun doing this  since  a lot of the songs were actually  singles on this album.  So I will go track by track and give my  opinion and thoughts on them. 1. Welcome to New York - This starts the album off right  with a nice introduction of where Taylor is taking on new adventures and bringing us along for the ride. I used to hear this song all the time everytime I went to McDonald's. I was like this sounds like her but  this  wasn'

My Taylor Swift Reputation Album Reaction,Review and Rating

Go to Youtube and Like,Subscribe and Comment on this Video!!! Are you looking for reactions to Taylor Swift's most recent full album Reputation? Oh you are so in the right place then! Marvin of Everyday Marvin is gonna break  it down for ya babe! This  post will be all about  TSwift's hot  album Reutation and what  my  reaction was to every single song I heard on it! Before I get started make sure you   follow me on  Instagram and Twitter @everydaymarvin. I also have a  youtube channel called EveryDay Marvin where I put out  videos each week covering music, and  various forms of entertainment. So what  lead me to finally  listen to Taylor Swift's most recent  and possibly most  daring  album? Well it was  strictly  FOMO that  got in the way.  Yes I had the fear  of missing out on the big buzz. So I had to grab it and hear what  was going on. I will be honest when the first single "Look What You Made Me Do" dropped I wasn't exactly  thr

Kolache Capital Bakery Bake Shop Downtown Bryan TX Review

DOWNLOAD  FAVOR APP AND USE THIS FREE $5 CREDIT CODE : MARVW8Q   Have you been to  Kolache Capital Bakery yet in  Downtown Bryan,TX? Well if you haven't then you are definitely missing out on a  treat my friend! In this  presentation I'm a going ot talk all about   what to expect from this  Kolache centered restaurant.  This is clearly my own opinion  but I hope you find it helpful! So what  is  Kolache Capital Bake Shop? This is a small restaurant located in the  Downtown Bryan TX area. It is  basically in between Murphy's LAW,  a restaurant and bar of sorts, and  Harvest Coffee Bar (Which I Have a  review to  and a link I'll be  provided to watch it!) Kolache Capital is located  on 105 N Main St Suite 112, Bryan, TX 77803. They are open between  6 am and  2pm Monday  thru Saturday. I have have always seen this restaurant but have ever  had an opportunity to actually try it. My mom and her friend had tried it out and told me good things about i

Christina Aguilera ft. 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla Sign Accelerate SONG REACTION

Are you wondering what  my  reaction is to  Christina Aguilera's new Accelerate featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz (which is Kanye West produced by the way)? Well you are defintely in the right place then my friend for a review. You  are gonna get  just that! This reaction and review will only be in regards to the song. I might try to do one later for the music video which deserves it's own blog post to say the least! So Christina Aguilera now has a BRAND NEW song out andusic video to go along with it. I couldn't be the last in the know so I scrambled to go find it and listen to it right away. Also AJAYII channel had a reaction up and I knew I had to hop on it too!!! LOL So it has been a while since  Christina has really put out new music. She is what I would  regard as a music veteran with multiple hit records underneath her  belt and  a good chunk of hit singles  to boot. I have also witnessed several changes from her over the years.  She was at fir

Diet Snapple Singles on the GO - Peach Tea and Half n Half Lemonade Tea REACTION REVIEW

Are you  curious about  Diet Snapple  singles on the go drink mixes? Want to know how the Peach Tea or the  half & half lemondae iced tea tastes or  pther peoples reactions/reviews? Well you are in the right place becasue I am gonna review that for you  right now! Hello and welcome to Everyday Marvin.I am the guy  who loves to talk about his many  experiences. This can cover anything from  food to  music.  So today's hot topic will be  Diet Snapple's  Peach tea and Half & Half lemonade ice tea drink mixes. I was at the  99 cents store  a few weeks ago and  one of my friends recommended that I try 2  different  Diet Snapple  singles on the go. I hadn't even realized that Snapple had  instant  drink mixes like this  but I defintely wanted to try it out! So i took an afternoon out  to record my reaction to both  flavors. I also learned a few things on the way. The first one I decided to try was  the Diet Snapple Peach Tea Singles on the Go! 

Cardi B - Invasion of Privacy (Full Album) Reaction | Cardi B Debut Album Review

Are you curious to know what the everyday person thinks of Cardi B's Invasion of privacy album? Do you want to see a real guy  react to each  song? Well this is the blog post for you then! So we all know that  Cardi B is the hottest female rapper out  right now! I decided why not hop on the  trend and react/ review her hit  debut album. It is all about taking advantage of those trends. LOL I actually found I enjoyed it quite a bit. In my reaction video above I  give all kinds of  subdued and  over the top reactions to  the  13 songs on her  album. My favorite tracks were Best Life  feat. Chance the Rapper, I Like It feat. J Balvin and Bad Bunny,  Bickenhead, bartier cardi feat. 21 sabvage, I Do feat. SZA  and finally Thru Your Phone ( my  absolute favorite track!) I think for  a first official album outing Cardi  doesn't  do  a bad job at all. It will be interesting to see what  she does in the future! The singles are good for this album such as  Be