Diet Snapple Singles on the GO - Peach Tea and Half n Half Lemonade Tea REACTION REVIEW

Are you  curious about  Diet Snapple  singles on the go drink mixes? Want to know how the Peach Tea or the  half & half lemondae iced tea tastes or  pther peoples reactions/reviews? Well you are in the right place becasue I am gonna review that for you  right now!

Hello and welcome to Everyday Marvin.I am the guy  who loves to talk about his many  experiences. This can cover anything from  food to  music. 

So today's hot topic will be  Diet Snapple's  Peach tea and Half & Half lemonade ice tea drink mixes. I was at the  99 cents store  a few weeks ago and  one of my friends recommended that I try 2  different  Diet Snapple  singles on the go.

I hadn't even realized that Snapple had  instant  drink mixes like this  but I defintely wanted to try it out!
So i took an afternoon out  to record my reaction to both  flavors. I also learned a few things on the way.

The first one I decided to try was  the Diet Snapple Peach Tea Singles on the Go!  I took out the singles packet and read the instructions on the back. I also realized that each packet  has  a fun fact on  it. The  first one made me aware that there is a town in  America actually named Tea. This was  a cool little fact to learn.

So I got my Niagra bottled water and poured  the  individual diet snapple  peach tea drink mix into it.

I also read that you are are  suppose to shake this mix up with the  cap on  (of course) and wait  2 minutes for  it to  fully  disperse for  best  flavoor.

This was  new information to me because I always  believed that you can just  throw instant drink mix in,shake it up and  wait a few seconds. Then it would be alright. 

Boy! Let me  tell you  2 minutes of wating can make a BIG DIFFERENCE.

So after waiting  I took my  first sip and what was my  reaction? It was  a nice smile on my  face!

I  definitely liked it and I wanted to drink more. I felt like the drink mix provided a nice  blend of flavor to my  tatsbebuds.I could now  check this off my  list of things I had tried.

So the next question  is how wouLd the second mix taste? So the next one was the Diet Half and Half Lemonade Iced Tea mix.I had a some  pretty hIgh expectations for this one! So I repeated the process  with this one.

After shaking the bottle and waiting  for  over 2 minutes. I finally tasted it. I must say it was delicious as well!

Which  flavor pack did I like more? Well for me it was  the Diet Snapple Peach Tea that  won the prize! I just preferred that one  a tiny bit more. This isn't to say the Diet Snapple  Half and Half Lemonade Iced Tea wasn't good as well.

So there you have it! If you like sweet  beverages on the go that  are ready quick. Then you should definitely check out either one of these Diet Snapple Singles on the Go  flavor drink mixes.I believe you won't be disappointed.

Did you try these? Did you like them? You can just let me know in the comments  :-]

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