My Taylor Swift Reputation Album Reaction,Review and Rating

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Are you looking for reactions to Taylor Swift's most recent full album Reputation? Oh you are so in the right place then! Marvin of Everyday Marvin is gonna break  it down for ya babe!
This  post will be all about  TSwift's hot  album Reutation and what  my  reaction was to every single song I heard on it!

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So what  lead me to finally  listen to Taylor Swift's most recent  and possibly most  daring  album? Well it was  strictly  FOMO that  got in the way.  Yes I had the fear  of missing out on the big buzz. So I had to grab it and hear what  was going on.

I will be honest when the first single "Look What You Made Me Do" dropped I wasn't exactly  thrilled.... I had enjojyed several of her singles  from 1989 and  was  expecting something more along those lines.

I must say after the video dropped  I started to like it a little bit more. Then  she  droped  Ready for It. I wasn't ready for it but it was banging for sure!

So finally I gave in and  downloaded her album.

What follows will be track by track breakdown

1. Ready for It? - I had already  heard it by the time I got the album but i enjoyed it none the less. I always felt like this song was  a mix of Wildest Dreams and  Bad Blood. It also seemed to have a splash of  Blank Space in it as well. It  all worked to make me wanna get out of my chair and boogie!

2. End Game -  This song was a surprise the first time I heard it. I was like  Future, Ed Shereen and Taylor Swift on the same song?! On paper this would seem like an odd idea but  it works out pretty  well to say the least. I enjoyed listening to it several times! This is another jam!

3. I Did Something Bad - This was also another nice  surprise where she talks about  the users and losers. She basically does the same back to them.  I loved how the song  flowed and I found myself wanting to get up and move once more!

4.Don't Blame Me - This song slows it  down a little and  gives almost a churchy feel to it. It talks about how she is addicted to her lover and wants them everyday for the rest of her life. It is yet another good one!

5.Delicate - This one was as single but i heard it before it became one and i really liked it. It  kind of had this island feel i enjoyed. I liked how she mentioned that her reputation wasn't great  so  the other person really had to liek her  for who she was. I enjoyed this a good bit.

6.Look What You Made Me Do -  This was the lead single and  while it is not my  favorite song it  has  grown on me a little bit by now. It is worth a listen every now and then. I also like how it has a old  90s r&b feel at the beginning.

7. So It Goes - This song is possibly my favorite song on the whole  album! It has a very articular feel when listening to it. The  chorus seems to hit particular ly harder than expected and it flows really  well. Scratches down my back now is recited to nice effect.

8.Gorgeous- This seems to be a lighter number and  kind of jokes around the topic of  falling for someone you can't have. I think most people can relate to this.It is fun little number to me and worth a listen.

9. Getaway Car - This number to me  seems to remind me of a return to 1989 album. It seems like it would fit on her previous album  very  well to me. It is  splash of the old for her long term fans. It is an ok song to me  but not my  favorite.

10. King of My Heart - I like this number and like the contrasting beats on the verses and the chorus. It seems like old taylor and  new  taylor going back and forward to me.

11. Dancing With Our Hands Tied - This number I also enjoyed and  found my head moving a  little bit on it. It basically covers how  a relationship really can't  grown  because of limitations on both ends.

12  This is Why We Can't Have Nice Things - This seems like a kind of mix of several things. It  feels like going back in time on the chorus  but the verses are more modern. Seems like a fun number for her to me.

13 Call It What You Want -This one was  single and i instantly liked it upon listening. I still liked it on the  album and it is a nice way to  head towards the end of the album.

14 New Year's Day - This is probably my least  favorite song. I just  didn't feel a pull to like it. It really isn't catchy like the others and  kind of forgetable to me.This strikes me  as  going back to a very  old school taylor and to satisfiy her more hardcore fans. I only listened to this one like  twice and left it alone

So to me overall the Reputaton album is a  pretty much  cohesive piece of work for her. I feel like there has definitley been some growth sonce 1989 album and in a good way!

I would give this album an A for a good overall pop album. This is my reacton and review of this. 


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