Beyoncè 'Dangerously In Love' Full Album Review & Reaction


Are you  curious to know what a modern day reaction of  Beyonce's Dangerously in Love Album would look like? Well you got your wish my friend! Today Everyday Marvin  will be reacting to  Beyonce's debut album for the whole world to see.

Recently I decided to  take a listen to Beyonce's first album and what  did I get from this experience? Well it was.... ABSOLUTELY  FUN, FUN FUN!

This month actually marks the  anniversary of  this album. I will be  breaking  down tracks of hers one by one and reviewing it for the first time in long time.

There is a lot to love here and a few to skip. I will have the  full reaction  video up above so you can check it out . Make sure you  go to youtube and like & subscribe to my Everyday Marvin channel as well  so you don't miss out on any future videos I release.

So let's begin the jounrey. This album was released in  2003  And is the  first full solo album effort form  queen bey. I felt like overall this is  a strong first showing and  it needed to be in order to help  solidify her  solo star once and for all outside of Destiny's Child.

The first song you hear is the  mega hit  'Crazy In Love' featuring her  future husband Jay-Z. What better way to  bring in the new era of solo music than with the  king of rap at the time. It is a powerhouse number and get things jumpin' jumpin for all those who were curious if she could really hold her own. It is definitely a highlight of the album and a great way to start!

The next number is 'Naughty Girl' which  takes Beyonce into more adult territory without  having her in the gutter. It is  a fun song and has a unique energy to it and is fun to  sing along with. It also shows off her  vocals pretty  darn well. This is what  Beyonce  generally  shines at. It is  making fun music that  her vocals can just flow well over  and put her signature on easily. There is kind of an operatic feeling with her singing throughout it too!

'Baby Boy' is up next to keep the dance floor vibe going. This  features Sean Paul and him and her sound good together. She knew she would want  to work with a variety of artist to  give the album a  nice  overall sound. Baby boy is without a doubt a  clubbanger and it is no wonder it worked well as a single.

'Hip Hop Star' brings  some 'Outkast'  vibe into the picture with  Big Boi and another guy named Sleepy Brown ( who I had really never heard of and  never heard of again afterwards.) The song is fun with  kind of a Prince vibe undertone  with  the rock guitar riff going and going.

It kind of gives off an alternative feel that adds the flavor of the  album. Beyonce is  convincing here with her  tantalizing  vocal delivery. She is  further showing that this is not a destiny's child  rehash album.

Then  we arrive at  'Be With You' the album's first slow jam. It is  nice one to say the least and makes me wanna just lay  down and  chill with the special love of my life. (if I happen to have one at the MOMENT.) This is MOOD music for sure and  enjoyable to listen to more than once.

'Me, Myself and I' follows and it packs the same  punch  it did  when it was A single. I remember the creative music  video FOR this one and the many women  seemed to identify  with this number. It  got lots of play on radio from what I can remember. That  beat is slick and sleek. It  begs for  replays. Even if you don't have relationship problems you will think you do after listening to THIS.LOL

'Yes'  is a favorite of mine. I remember  pretty much loving it the first time I heard it! It has this  slow  dragging  r&b vibe  that just works for it. I think many  people have been in relationships that  seem to go well at  first and then once  your partner wants you to do something that you aren't ready for yet the other person  turns into another person. This is her saying she  ain't got the time or  patience for it.

'Signs'  features production and vocals from  Missy Elliott. This song just  freaking works.The  vibe makes you wanna just  chill out  somewhere with the lights  turned down low. She goes over the  various types of personality types you  can run into while dating and how  their different zodiac signs can effect your interactions with them. It is fun and creative  how the production is done and layered.

'Speechless'   is up next and  ,honestly, this number I would  kind of forget before. The mood of the album  gets slowed down to a grind at this point. This song  is  REAL slow jam and made for  special time between 2 lovers. She does sound beautiful here but you gotta be in the mood for it. This isn't something you would dance around to.

'That's How You Like It' serves as  way to bring the mood of the album back up but ultimately comes off as one of the album's lesser numbers when you think about what came before it and  after. It is fun to hear her and Jay-Z work TOGETHER again. It is also yet  another reason for guys to listen/ buy this album or  at least have an excuse too.LOL

'The Closer I Get to You'  features the one and only  Luther Vandross (May he rest in peace.) This song  sounds so  classic and  regal if that's the right word. This song  should  pull those older listeners in  if  nothing esle does. It  is a good number to listen to  every now and then. It also sounds so much better after the previous number.

'Dangerously in Love 2' follows and is a reappearance of  sorts since it was  originally on the  Destiny's Child Survivor album. It is given the  designation of  the  number 2  to  differentiate I guess. It is actually a pretty song and enjoyable to listen to. It is also the  album title song and rightfully so tieing all the   other songs together as the general mood of the album.

'Beyonce Interlude' is her  talking about  how she  tries to paint her lover but she can't duplicate their image. I actually would have enjoyed  a few more of these on the album. It is always interesting to me  how  artists  think. This provides a small window into her  world when is comes to love.

'Gift from Virgo '- This number is  an alright song and  falls under the  slow jam/vibe  category. Not a favorite of minds and gets skipped generally.

'Daddy' should be the end of the original album and is sweet in it's own way. I understand why she wanted to include it at the end.

I give this album an  "A"  for its overall quality. There are a few numbers I'm a not crazy about which is basically the last  3rd  of the album but there are many  things to like here.

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