Dixie Cafe (Johnny Reb's) Review 708 S Market St, Hearne,TX 77859

Hey its me Marvin of Everyday Marvin.  This review will tell how I ended up at Dixie Cafe, 708 S Market St, Hearne,TX 77859. I  recently  went  here and I just had to share my experience on what happened there. 

One of my  friends decided to treat me out to eat.I was really  pumped up about going  to this particular  spot,  because it had this  cool diner setup and  my friend had  told me a lot about it.

So we  ended up traveling to  hearne , tx.  I  don't know much about heane because it is a small town and there are not a lot off things there.

Though this restaurant my friend  kept telling me about sounded  great! I won't  name the actual restaurant  where we were supposed enjoy  our  meal becasue I don't want to  shame it.

Though in traveling to it  we ended up passing Dixie Cafe which is where we will eventually end up at.

So the next part of this will be my  experience  with the first  bad  restaurant we  ran it not before heading to the much more pleasant one.


So we  got to the diner  restaurant in  hearne  and the  first  thing I see upon entry  are a  group of flies. I don't know about you  but seeing multiple flies in a restaurant is definitely a turn off to me. Mainly becase this was kind of an open area restaurant and flies can fly right back to the kitchen and land on my food I plan to eat.

So this is strike number  1. Then  as I turn to my left there are  dirty dishes at a table that look like they haven't been picked up in a while. So since this one table  was cluttered with dishes we  had to sit to the right  and my  seat   cushion was  ripped in  half with  seat stuffing  coming out.

It was  very unappealing. I had to sit on it becasue there was no other place to really  sit.

So me and my  friend sat and waited...waited and waited. No one ever came to our table after about  10 to 15 minutes.

It was  very disappointing because everywhere I looked in the restaurant here  seemed to be plaques and accolades saying how great this place was.

Yet when  looked around agan it was kind of  dirty looking. So  flies, dirty dishes and bad  customer service  ultimately  sent us away.

(I later  talked ot one  of my  other  friends about this place and he said he also had a less then  pleasant  experience as well.)


So after the letdown of  this  diner restaurant in hearne. We decided to check out  Dixie Cafe. The  experience was a COMPLETE 180 degrees!!!

Right when we got in  they were on it!!!! Asking  can they  seat  us  , asking for drink orders and very friendly. I asked the waiter what she would recommend and told her I like  catfish. She said I would like it. So I ordered it!

They brought out  biscuits and cornbread for us with butter. It was  yummy and very much appreciated.

When it came out it was a big plate and I was more than happy with my food portions. It was  catfish, mashed potatoes,corn dn tartar sauce. I ate so much to where I had to stop eating becasue I felt so full. I decided all I needed to do was to stop and then go back at it!


They asked if we wanted dessert but we  declined but I might consider it next time!

After having such a  HORRIBLE experiece at the other place honestly  anyone who would have one 10 to 20% more might have gotten a raving review.LOL

But honestly  Dixie Cafe or aka Johnny Reb's Dixie Cafe was  a wonderful place to eat in hearne tx and if you are in the area check it out!


It is located at  Dixie Cafe, 708 S Market St, Hearne,TX 77859 and opens at 10:30am on  weekdays and  7:30am on  weekends. It closes at  9pm on Sunday thru Thrusday and 10pm on Fridays and Saturdays. 

If you haven't already checked out my  review/ reaction video  above or on my Everyday Marvin Youtube channel!!!

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Best,Marvin :-]


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