Katy Perry Witness Album Reaction and Review

Watch me, Everyday Marvin,  react to Katy Perry's Witness album! So here I am reviewing the  Katy Perry album Witness. I created a  full reaction  video  and mini- review to her  most recent piece of work. This album CAME out in  2017 and  that is when I originally  listened to it. 

The following will be my  overal opinion of this pop album. my likes, dislikes and  general commmentary. 

The album starts off with the song  Witness is the title track. This gets things  off to a  somewhat  slower pace. I  like the lyrics which center around finding someone to stand still with and not  always  focusing only on the everyday hustle and bustle. I  understood where she was coming from and it  initially won my  praise upon  first listen.

The next song is  "Hey Hey Hey". This song was my  jam to  first listen. I found myself dancing around to it multiple times. Unfortunately after many repeats I found my self kind of  underwhelmed by it. It gives off that  Britney Spears 'Hold It Against Me' vibe. There are the  wubs and all the sound effects fro  like 2011 or something.

Roulette is the next  song and quite enjoyable. It gives off this  80s feel which  kind of  carries throughout the rest of the album. I think this one comes off as  fresh  and some throwback fun.

Swish Swish - This is the big single from this album and it  works  just as well as it  did upon initial release. I  found my self  having  quite a good time dancing and  repeating the lyrics. This seems like a good anytime  number that will get a  room in a good mood. I could serious hear his at a a basketball game much like the music video.

Deja Vu - This song  gives the 80s vibe again and  covers territory that most  couples seem to retread again and again. I get the lyrics and it has a slick production to it.
Power-  OK this one is probably my favorite  number of the whole album. I was surprised when I first heard it. It gives off this r&b  and Michael Jackson vibe for real!!!  I like the message even if it might get a little uncomfortable at times. For instance, when she talks about her mom and how she has to break the cycle in order to sit first at the  dinner table. I really felt  like this number was  very personal one for her. I could listen to this on one  repeat.

Mind Maze - This song goes well right after the previous one! This one gives off a trippy  vibe and lots of autotune to boot. I found myself  getting lost in all of the  hazziness of it. This wasn't necessary  bad. It just it is  very  entrancing  track.

Miss You More - Ok this reminds a lot of  something off of her "Prism" album. It  is slower and obviously meant be more of a ballad of sorts. I liked the lyrics and think many people can understand where she is coming from. A lot of us  found that we fantasize the best  of a past  relationship when in reality it wasn't quite that grand.

Chained to the Rhythm - OK so this was like the first single I believe and it has a socially aware message that comes along with it.  This song to me doesn't seem to quite fit in the mist of this album. This could have  been a bonus song to me honestly.

Tsunami - This is a cool little ditty. It talks of coming together with a lover and  making love until a storm of  sort is caused by all the  intensity.

Bon Appétit - So this was a single and features the Migos. I liked it when I first heard it. It  kind of wore off after a while though. Now I see it as  fun little number to  dance to but not much beyond that. One  youtuber said that  they thought this was filled with tired cliches and euphemisms. I could see what  he was saying but it  is  decent song to me.

Bigger Than Me -  This song is  covering the topic of GOD as far as I can understand. It is not a terrible song but not one i want to repeat much.

Save as Draft -This is another  great  album song. It is in the same lane of  "Miss You More"  from earlier in the album. It is covering topic that  many  people have probably been in. The position where you could  message the ex-lover but you know better and decide not to send the message after all.  This song could have only really been done in the age of  cellphones and social media.

Pendulum - This song kind of has a churchy feel to it. It is ok song and kind of  uplifting.

Into Me You See - This is the album's last  song and not exactly super memorable. There are a few lyrics that I got. The one about  staying guard because if they  don't know you they can't hurt you  definitely  rung a bell for me!

My favorites : Power ,Roulette,Deja Vu,Swish Swish,Miss You More, Save as Draft,Tsunami

I would give this album  somewhere between B+ and A.It isn't a perfect album but  defintely  has some worth listening numbers. 

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