Shania Twain NOW Album FULL Reaction and Review

Are you  wondering about the  GREAT Shania Twain's latest album 'NOW'? Well It is time for anohter  album reaction   and review and  this album  is the  center of my attention today.

Let me first say I am a a pretty big  Shania Twain fan  going back the late 90s and early 2000s. I really loved a lot of her  songs . The songs: Any  Man of Mine, Man! I feel Iike Woman, Party for Two, Ka- Ching! ( this is a little talked about  one  and one of my very favorite numbers of hers.This is one of the few times where she  discusses something other than love and relationships), From This Moment On, You're Still the One , That Don't Impress Me Much. I really  enjoyed her  Up album  quite a bit too!!!

So I have a lot of fond memories of her music and time. I was stoked to hear that she would be releasing a new album. I was a bit concerned though because generally  artists come back a little different after such a long hiatus.

She has been through  quite a lot over the last  15 years or so. One of them being  her  vocal chords  going though an ordeal where she had a lot of struggles even being able to sing. 

One of the biggest  setbacks was  the  break up of her and her  husband/ music manager. I believe this was one of  her  biggest events of her life that left her feeling pretty  shocked to say the least.

Though enough of this.... let's get on to the album itself.

Swinging with my Eyes - So the album starts off light and fun with. It was one of the first singles and the music video  reintroduced her to everyone agian. I was little surprised at her  see through dress but  she looked lovely. I loved this song upon first ,second and third listen.

Home Now - which  kind of acts like a homecoming of sorts. She is basically saying she has been away a while but now she is back where she  belongs. It was quite a  journey but she is  back and strong.

Light of My Life - is  a favorite of mine and  gives off this  60s vibe. This is definitely more  subdued pop and less country. I  found it different and  very  enjoyable.

Poor Me - was the  first  song where I felt like she was really breaking down her  story of what happened  during the  events of her  BIG break up. This is just one of the songs that seems to address this. I really like how she  goes back and forward with the use of  "poor" and  "pour". This idea works  out well and  goes from 'poor me' to 'pour me' a drink to get over this. 

Who's Gonna Be Your Girl - is  classic  Shania and country the way only she  does. It is favorite of mine especially with that  repeating melody  at the beginning and repeating through to the song. It has a coolness to it and I feel like I should  be out  driving late night listening to it. This is defintely a winner!


More Fun - gives off his  tribal feeling and  more of that  signature  Shania sound that  she established over a decade and fun to listen to.

I'm Alright - goes in to further  detail  from where  'Poor Me' left off. It  was  uncomfortable, sad, and  kind of heart  wretching to hear her  tell her experience. It becomes very real  and  anyone who has ever been in a cheating  partner situation can  feel the realness here. Even if you haven't been in her situation  you can sympathize. I like the fact that she  admits things went awry  but she is  moving forward!

Let's Kiss and Make Up - is one of my least  favorite numbers to be honest. It isn't a bad song but  kind of mediocre to me in comparison to the stronger songs that come before and after it. It is a light fun number  but not much more to remember here.

'Where Do You think You're Going' - is  probably  my favorite song off the  whole album and there were some  good contenders for this spot. It is a  ballad and her  vocal delivery is spot on and very  convincing. It is calling out to an ex lover and saying I am on your side babe! It could easily go on a soundtrack of a movie, honestly.

'Roll Me On The River' - is  a fun tribal vibe ready to seduce the listener and take you on an undercover  adventure. It is fun and sexy all at the same time!

We Got Something They Don't - It si a good motivational song and  will please  those hardcore  Shania Twain fans I believe.

Because of You is a sweet song and  basically  thanks  her lover for  helping her  become the person she is. 

You Can't Buy Love - THIS IS A THROWBACK  EARLY  90s gem. It  reminded me a lot of  "Dancing on  Sunshine". I just want to get up and dance around the kitchen with this one. I just want to repeat it right after it's done. It's a great feel good song!

Life's About To Get Good -  This was one of the first singles as well and  pretty much  covers what the bulk of her album is about. It addresses the  pains of the past  and the healing process and  moving forward. It puts a smile on my  face and  faces the harshness of life as well as the joys too! This song rocks point  blank! One of the best songs on  here hands down!

Soldier - is a  great  patriotic  ballad and  sends love from one lover to another  overseas or wherever they may be. It  makes me feel proud and  longing for  a great love of my  own. This is of  excellent  quality and  belongs on the  best list!

All in All - wraps  things up the album on a somber note. It  tells of going through and coming out on the other side  smarter, stronger and facing life head. It makes you realize things aren't Tha  bad honestly.


The album over all gets and A from me. The production is  strong. Songwriting solid and her  vocals are lovely to hear!

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