John Mayer Heavier Things Full Album Reaction - John Mayer Heavier Things Review

Want to see a reaction and review to John Mayer's album 'Heavier Things'? Today's  focus will be on  John Mayer Heavier Things Album which came out in 2003.  I decided to take a walk down memory lane a couple of weeks ago and listen to his sophomore album. What were the results? A lot of nostalgia basically!!! LOL

The reason why I decided to choose this album is because it was  one of the most important albums to me   when I was transtitioning from  adolescence to adulthood. I  found myself listening to this many times!

I was even inspired to write some original compositions of my own due to this album. 

Since I was bought up in a  very  religious home I had to sneak this album and  Britney Spears' Oops! I Did it Again into the house for  regular listening.

 I found that Heavier Things  kind of  fed a  deeper musical part of me when it came to  topic matters of life and thinking beyond the surface.

While Britney Spears' Oops! I Did It Again fed my  need for ear candy:-]

So I took out some time  a while back and sat down to re-listent to Heavier Things in 2018. I recorded my reaction of each song and  eventually reviewed the album. The video will be above for all to enjoy!

So let's go through the album real quick track by  track.

Clarity - This song starts the album off on a light and kind of airy feel. I  loved this song when I first heard it and I still love it today. I loved the first few lines where he talk about the quickness of  time and moments. We try to  freeze it but it  continually  goes by.  I like his  vocal add-ons especially towards the end.

Bigger Than My Body - this song was a single and  the first single I believe from this album. The first time I heard this song I wasn't a fan to be honest! It  just didn't do much for me. Though now when I hear it I like it much more. I also have to agree that I too think I am bigger than my body gives me credit for.

Something's Missing - This is without a doubt one of my  top favorite songs  from this album hands down! There is something about those first few notes played and the lyrics that  flow together so well. I like how he manages to put topics  and  analogies together  so well  in such in an interesting way. This one  can take several listenings to grasp all of what he is covering here. This is one of the album's best I feel.

New Deep - This song too  is a BIG favorite of mine and  it compliments the  previous song well. I also like the first  notes played on this one as well. He talks about not trying to be  deep with every freaking aspect of life.  He also covers  kind of finding a new mindset where a person can just take a breather and not have to analyzed everything.

Come Back to Bed - This slows things down and has a  definite blues feel to it. I  have been in the situation myself when you get into a  disagreement with a significant other and you are at a lost all of a sudden. You just want to get over the hump and get back to the loving. This is yet another solid number.

Home Life - This song has that road trip vibe about it. On a less serious note it kind of reminds me of  the song 'Banging on A Trash Can'  from the Nickelodeon Doug cartoon. lol ... It is nice mellow number. It  has a lot of cool lyrics that only  John could  put together in his own special way.

Spilt Screen Sadness - This is  good number talking about a couple who had recently gotten into a fight and how  each side  feels basically. Not my favorite but a solid song.

Daugthers- This song was a single and  probably one of the biggest  songs from this album. This was probably the song that got me to really pay attention to this album in the first  place. It  really covers how a woman's relationship with  her father can  carry over to how she interacts  with her significant other down the line. I like the topic matter and how it is presented. I also like how his  voice sounds here too! It has a soothing feel to it.

Only Heart - This number is  welcomed after the  previous slower ones. I also use this number as a pick me up song. It  makes me want to get up and dance around the kitchen or It  always makes me smile. The subject matter talks about how he likes a girl  and how she has to be careful with him because he only has one heart to break.

Wheel - This is the album closer and  I generally don't listen to this  a lot. I likw the chorus and it does bring everything to a nice close. 

So there you have it  a solid album all the way through I feel. I would give John Mayer's Heavier Things an "A". It has a solid songwriting, production value and  his voice sounds good and is pleasant to listen to.

Make sure you check out  the  full reaction video either here or on my  Everyday Marvin  youtube channel.

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