Britney Spears Oops!... I Did It Again Full Album Reaction and Review


Were you looking for Britney Spears Oops!I Did It Again full album reaction and  review  video? Because I know you were! This is why I took time out to sit down and   re-listen to  Ms. Spears sophmore album. It was quite an interesting listen. This britney spears no autotone for just about sure!

I found myself singing along to several familiar Britney Spears lyrics on this album. So without further a do  lets' get to it.

The  first song is the titular "Oops!...I Did It Again" song. This was the first single off of the album and  for  a very good reason. It is  without the most  catchy thing on the whole darn  thing. Several songs try to come close but they really can't beat it. It  especially helps since the music video that came along with this song also  forever  left visuals of Britney Spears dancing around in a red spandex on  another planet somewhere. lol

The  chorus is one that  just about everybody knows no matter if you are a fan or not. This late  90s/ early  2000s pop  done  right  and tight. It is definitely in my  top 5 out of the songs on this list.

The next song was "Stronger". It is  clear that after Oops! just about anything after it  will seem to  pale in comparison. So Stronger seems to go in another  direction with the classic  " I am better off without you" song. It is catchy in it's own way and  kind of  metallic and industrial in it's own way. The only thing that seems to be missing is  some  hard guitars to make it a real rock number. It does the job of growing  Spears up a little bit from the previous album and not being offensive.

The next song "Don't Go knocking on My Door" is one of my favorites  for it's "Destiny's Child Say My Name"  vibe to it. It  fun and funky. It continues the  idea of  breaking up and moving on with your life with no plans for return. It has a strong  chorus to pull the listener in and  a nice  stop and  go motion about it. I have personally listened to this number  so many times when i first got this album. I think i put on a little show in the reaction video.

I Can't Get No Satisfaction is the next number which most people know as a  Rolling Stones cover. Honestly,  young pop stars covering   material of  well respected  legendary  rock stars is always kind a  tricky idea. This is not really a cover to take too seriously though. Part of this song was  performed at her  now infamous  MTV VMA 2000 performance along with "Oops! I did It Again".  It  is a little longer than it should be and ends up sounding  not very much like the original. It is cool when you are in the mood for it. To me it comes off as the album's Overprotected from her  next album  "Britney"

Don't Let Me Be The Last To Know - This is the  Mutt Lange and  Shania Twain penned  number that  Britney just happened to  get. It is the first  ballad of the album and a pretty  decent one. You can definitely  feel the Shania Twain vibe all over it. I like it when i hear but i don't find myself  wanting to hear it all the time. I do like her vocal delivery  here though.

What U See Is (What U Get) - This  bring the mood back up with  more  fun dance  pop that  Spears is without a doubt best known for. It is also one of my  favorite numbers as well.In the reaction  video I really  show out a bit because I truly love the song.

Lucky - This is another top favorite of mine. I have replayed this song  countless times. I loved the music video when it came out! I really have a  blast  singing along  to it   and acting it out on screen as you will see. This song probably is my favorite song  even though I know  "Oops" is still a stronger  song  but I have always liked the message in the song and  been drawn to it for some reason.

One Kiss from You - This isn't a bad number but not  really a blow away number either. It is nice to listen to but  often a  forgetten number since there are  better songs on the album.It is sweet in it's own way.

Where Are You Now - This seems  to help fulfill the  ballads quota that the album was  striving for. It is another  decent song but  again  not  super memorable but i do admire her  vocal ability on this one.

Can't Make You Love - This is a fun number and  very much re-uses  sounds from the stronger songs on the album like  Oops!, Don't Go Knocking on My Door and  What U See (Is What U Get).The chorus is fun to sing along too and that is what makes this a number worth repeating a time or two.

When Your Eyes Say It - This was not  a favorite of mines upon first  listening but  over time I have grown to love  this one. Especially since as the album progresses it does tend to get a bit bland at times.

There are some bonus songs like Heart, You Got It All and Girl in The Mirror. They are nice songs but  not really something you absolutely have to have to be satisfied with this album.

Finally the last song is Dear Diary. This is the album's shortest song and gives a diary entry kind of vibe appropriately. It tells of her liking a guy and  being afraid to approach him and not knowing what to say.

Overall I give  Oops!... I Did It Again get a "B-ish" grade from me. I know she will have strong albums  down the line and there are some  fun bops on her worth repeating.

This has been Everyday Marvin and my  Britney Spears Oops!...I Did It Again Full Album Reaction and Review!
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