Freezing Cow Rolling Ice Cream College Station TX Review | Ice Cream Rolls in College Station TX

So a few weeks back I was invited out to go  check out one of the newest food attractions in town.It is  called Freezing Cow Rolling Ice Cream. Up until then had never heard of  this place before. Here is my Freezing Cow Rolling Ice Cream College Station TX Review.

The outside of the building looked  interesting to me upon arrival. I found the inside even more  so. When I went in with my friend it seemed to be a spacious place and  went pretty far down what seemed like a corridor.

There were not  a bunch of people originally but looks can be deceiving. I spent a few  minutes looking at ice cream menu which appeared to be on a blackboard of  sorts.

Most of the flavor  names came off as unique and  special. The one that caught my eye was the “Beauty and the Beast”. It  included vanilla and strawberry ice cream with nutella chunks thrown in.

I was like this seems like a  cool choice and my friend ended up going with the  key lime pie one.

The price came out to be  $5.99 plus tax. We took our seat and  we watched as the workers started to work on  ours and several other peoples’ orders.

Now to mention a few more things about  my Freezing Cow Rolling Ice Cream College Station TX Review.

It was  different watching  the ice cream be rolled up to be placed in a cup. In most ice cream or  frozen yogurt places they use scoops but they were using scraping utensils. This also seems to slow down the process a little bit too since they really have to  dig in to get the rolls done correctly.

My friend’s order came in  first believe. Then I had to wait a little while for mine to  appear.
Let me tell you it was worth it!

It  was totally delicious a new way to enjoy ice cream. I was also surprised by how thick  my serving was. Rolling the ice cream up really does allow for them to add more ice cream in  a cup i think. It felt my like my serving truly had some body to it!

I was  very satisfied with my order and I would and will be going back to try  some of the other flavors that sounded good.

So you may wonder the freezing cow college station prices?

They seem to only have one serving  size cup I believe and the price is  5.99 plus tax currently.

You may also wonder the freezing cow college station hours?
Their hours seem to go as follows according to google…

Sunday 12pm–10pm
Monday 12pm–10pm
Tuesday 12pm–10pm
Wednesday     12pm–10pm
Thursday         12pm–10pm
Friday         12pm–11pm
Saturday         12pm–11pm

You may also wonder about the freezing cow rolling ice cream menu?
They seem to have various  flavors to choose form so everyone should find something they like. They also seem to add new flavors  all the time.I will place a pic here for you to look at!

I hope you found my Freezing Cow Rolling Ice Cream College Station TX Review.

Freezing cow ice cream roll shop so good u should try for sure!

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