Stan Lee is DEAD! My Reaction to Stan Lee’s Death

Stan Lee is now considered officially dead. Here is my surprising reaction to Stan Lee’s death. I was taken back by how much h really impacted my life Here i give a brief explanation o f how i felt when i heard the news and how his artful expression has influenced me greatly.

So I was casually scrolling through my facebook feed and came across a small post created by my cousin. It basically stated that Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee creator had passed away. I was in total disbelief. I denied the news at first but then i wen to go check it out on Google.

There was where i found the official confirmation that he had indeed died. Many people wanted to know when Stan Lee died and he answer was November 12th 2018. I now seems so far away as i type up this short article.

I felt like a small part of myself died after finding out this information. I hadn’t seriously noticed before but his reach and influence had severely impacted me over the years.

I don’t consider myself to be a comic book aficionado but i was given group of comic books by a classmate in elementary school.  Two of those comics included the uncanny x-men and the x-men in like 2020 or something.

This gave me excellent exposure to the marvel comics brand. I really loved X-Men the animated series from the 90s a lot. Stan Lee had quite a lot to do with these characters being brought to life. Wolverine seemingly being the most popular one out of the mix.

When I heard he passed away I felt like a had lost a relative or grandfather. I was so used to him always being around and then when he left I was almost shell shocking.

It is even weird just typing Stan Lee is DEAD or creating a video based on my reaction to Stan Lee’s Death.Though here I am doing it. The good news is he really impacted countless people in a positive way and that impact will not be easily forgotten.

The other thing is the word “EXCELSIOR”.When he passed all of sudden this word seemed to pop up again and again.  It was driving me crazy because i had no idea what i meant!

I need to know what did Stan Lee’s word excelsior mean? I finally figured it out. It means “upward and onwards to greater glory”. Apparently, he used several different catchphrases and hey were always being copied.

He finally created this one and no one really knew what it meant. This became his go to phrase after this! While it is sad ha he passed away. He will be remembered and thought of often by his many fans!

Best, Marvin:-]

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