Catfish Station Jones Road Houston Tx Restaurant Review- Is Catfish Station the Best Place for Fried Catfish in Houston TX?

I want to welcome you to my Catfish Station Jones Road Houston Tx restaurant review. My question here is if this best place for fried catfish in houston tx? Or if you are looking for the best fried catfish in houston tx.

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Well after his review you should have your answer. Or if you are looking for the best place for fried catfish in houston tx.

Hi! My name is Marvin of Everyday Marvin and I do reactions, reviews and commentaries to random things, basically. I was recently in the houston tx area and I decided to try out a few local restaurants.

Whenever I am out of town I try to make it my goal to try a couple of places that I know I can’t try back in my hometown. I think I succeeded in this goal recently.

So you aren’t here to read and watch me babble on and on. You probably want to know more about the Catfish Station in houston tx on jones road or any of the general locations for that matter..

Well let’s start off with how I even ended up there.

Though first you need to know one serious thing about me…. I LOVE CATFISH!!!!

I could probably eat it everyday and not grow tired of it. When it comes to seafood I am generally a little limited.

This is because there are a lot of seafood items that are popular but I can’t eat due to allergies.

Foods that fall under this category are shrimp, lobster, crab, crawfish and a couple of other shellfish.

Though seafood like catfish,tilapia, cod, halibut, salmon and few others are okay.

I know a lot of people feel like I am missing out on some great food but i don’t feel that way:-]

So back to the main story so you can find out if Catfish station the best place for fried catfish in houston tx. …..

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So in the Freebird app cashback recommendations list it showed the Catfish Station restaurant and since I love catfish I just had to try it out!

So I put my uber ride request in through the freebird app and I was picked up and taken to Catfish station located at 9344 jones rd ,suite o, houston texas 77065.

When I arrived there it was not super busy. Which was ok with me! I generally like it when there are not a ton of people at a restaurant. I generally think much clearer.

The restaurant itself wasn’t too big either which again is fine with me.

So being that it was my first time I asked the friendly cashier what should I get . She gave me some nice options. Unfortunately, I couldn’t order anything with shrimp in it due to my allergies but they did have a fish snack basket with catfish fillets which I ordered with fries , 2 sauces , a hushpuppy and a drink.

The total for me came out to be about $10.95.


Catfish Station houston Tx Best place for fried catfish in houston tx

My food came out hot and fresh and I had to make myself slow down, so I wouldn’t burn my mouth.

When you order your meal they give you the option of 2 of 3 sauces. I got the dirty tartar ( which isn’t as bad as the name might let you think) and I got the remoulade sauces. These only added to the deliciousness of the meal.

The catfish was seasoned so well and wonderful. The fries were crispy and tasty. The dipping sauces were unique and bold. The only letdown was the hushpuppy which could just be my own personal preference. It felt a little doughy to me and lacked flavor a bit.

Though the meal was worth the price and I would love to have it again!

I have to give the Catfish Station restaurant on jones road in houston tx a A+ for this review. I absolutely loved my meal! I got good and full too. I had to take some in a to go box to eat later in my hotel room.

If you are in houston tx makes sure to swing by this place especially if you love catfish!. I think this is the best fried catfish in houston texas honestly or at least until I try some other places. LOL

Again if you are looking for the best place for fried catfish in houston tx this should be a spot you can check out immediately!

Also they have multiple locations so if you are in houston you should be able to find one pretty easily.

They are generally open from 11pm to 9pm but hours can vary so check first. So I hope you found this helpful and will go check out Catfish Station in houston tx.

You can also watch the full review video above as well or go watch it on youtube at the Everyday Marvin youtube channel.

Best,Marvin :-]

Remember you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram @everydaymarvin


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