Jarritos Tamarindo Mexican Soda Reaction - Jarritos Tamarind Drink Review

Welcome to my Jarritos Tamarind / Tamarindo Mexican Soda Drink review and reaction.I recently decided to try this flavor of Jarritos and I just had to share my thoughts and opinions on it in general. I hope you find this enjoyable and informative!

Hey this is me I want to welcome you to my Jarritos Tamarindo / tamarind Soda mexican drink review and reaction. I am Marvin of Everyday Marvin and i love to do reactions reviews and commentaries to random things.

My focus today is all about the jarritos tamarind/ tamarind soft drink. I previously completed a soda review of jarritos pineapple which was given tome for free.

I really enjoyed doing that review and I thought I would give it another go with an another flavor. So when i was at walmart I saw this particular flavor on sell and I just had to try it.

It was pretty cheap too like about a dollar. So i thought why not.
so I didn't know what tamarind was and I had to go look it up on google as i do with most things. So I came to find out that it was a apparently a plant or fruit which is pod-like that is native to africa and they generally take the pulp of it to to flavor things like mexican candy and this sods i decided to try out for this review.

So I finally decided to sit down and take a couple of sips of this interesting drink. What was my final verdict. It tasted kind of lemon like to me. It was like drinking a carbonated lemon tea by a brand like lipton.

In case you are wondering where to buy jarritos? I picked mine up at a walmart.

Which to be fair i kind of expected because when i was doing my research i did run across a blog called sodajerks.com and they had a review on the jarritos tamarind soda.

They also mentioned how soda had a lemon like taste to it as well. I will link to the full review so you can check it out if you want to.

What grade would give this? I would say it gets a B+ from me. The flavor isn't my favorite but it is passable and if i was at a party and it was offered to me i would drink it honestly.

So that should wrap up my jarritos tamarindo soda mexican drink review
jarritos tamarindo flavored reaction review.

Make sure you check out my full reaction/ review video on my youtube channel and there should be be the full video  posted above this article for your viewing pleasure. 

Best, Marvin :-]

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