Krispy Kreme Doughnuts First Time Review - Kripsy Kreme Donuts College Station Tx Reviews

Hey! Are you looking for reviews on Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts in College Station TX in 2019, 2020 and beyond? Well you have arrived in the right place my friend.This will fill you in on my first time reaction or experience to the new Krispy Kreme Donuts shop located at 1312 Harvey rd. College Station,TX 77840 in the post oak square shopping center. This will also give you a little bit of information on their hours, prices and their opening.

So I am Marvin of Everyday Marvin on Youtube! I like to do reactions, reviews and commentary on random things! My focus for this post is all about the Kripsy Kreme located in College Station, Texas.

Disclaimer: I often mention special offers in my articles which I believe my readers could benefit from if you decided to take advantage of these offers the creator will receive compensation back in return. This will allow me to keep creating more content in the future so thanks for your support!

My Previous Krispy Experience

Let me first start off by saying up until recently I had NEVER stepped in to or went to a Krispy Kreme restaurant. I did however have the privilege of having my parents bring some home from a convenience store where Krispy Kreme was apparently being shipped to.

Whenever I would hear the Krispy Kreme name most people would have positive things to say about it. I unfortunately only remembered eating it one time but based from my memory it was pretty good.

So you can imagine my excitement when i found out that a one would be going up in my town. I remember seeing the construction and thinking "WOW" it is really gonna happen!

It had apparently been talked about it for years but plans didn't come to fruition till just the past year. So after waiting a little while i finally decided to go check it out for myself.

Apparently there was a Kripsy Kreme College Station Grand Opening way back around April 2019 but I didn't realize it was actually open til I got a flyer in the mail about a month ago.

I was pretty excited about the whole thing. Though the only thing that stood in my way were the crowds. I was hearing how it was very crowded generally and busy a lot.

Well fast forward to last week when I got an itch for it! I was hanging out with one of my friends and i just happened to have the with me. So I was like why not? So a little after 8pm on a thursday evening my friend and I went for it!

So when we arrived it was pretty empty upon arrival which I was glad for. A crowd of students had just walked out and I was glad I missed them. LOL

So I had always heard about how they have open windows so you can see the donuts being made LIVE.

My FIRST Taste Reaction

It was cool actually being able to see it just as advertised previously. We went to the front counter and I mentioned I had never been there before and one of the girls quickly pulled a donut off the conveyor belt and handed me and my friend a hot one for FREE.

Upon my first bite I instantly understood why this place was so beloved. The donut was absolutely delicious! We ordered a dozen glazed with the coupon I had for 5.99. The girl didn't even take the coupon she just rung it up and it was exactly 5.99. (Thanks Madison! She was the girl who rang up our order apparently and very friendly)

krispy kreme doughnuts college station tx 2019 coupon
krispy kreme doughnuts college station tx 2019 coupon

When I looked up at the Krispy Kreme college station menu prices I saw the normal price for a dozen glazed was $9.99. So it was a deal!

My friend and I sat down and basically inhaled several donuts back to back.They were so darn good. I stopped at one point because I felt full. Then a few minutes later i just had to eat another. They were just that good and I would recommend them to anyone who enjoys glazed donuts.

Now there are other donut places in my town and they are good but there is something special about Krispy Kreme.

Now just in case you were wondering about the Krispy Kreme College Station hours they seem to be as follows: 6pm to 10pm sun- thurs
6am to 11pm on friday and sat.

My Final Krispy Verdict

So what would I give this doughnut shop overall? It gets and "A" for sure and I will be returning to try out their other donuts at my leisure :-]

So that was My first time at Krispsy Kreme Doughnuts in College Station TX review. It was a delightful experience and I look forward to future visits there and maybe even another review down the road.

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