😱 Madea Boo! Movie 1 Review - Tyler Perry's A Madea Halloween Boo Movie Review🤣

Are you searching for a Madea Boo! Movie 1 review today? Well my friend this post was created for you then! You will hear all about my first time experience in this Tyler Perry’s Madea Halloween Boo Movie the first one review article right now!

Madea Boo Movie 1 Review Tyler Perry's Madea Halloween Boo Movie Review
Tyler Perry's Madea Boo Movie 1 Movie poster

In case you didn’t know my name is Marvin and I run a small youtube channel called Everyday Marvin where I do reactions,reviews and commentaries to random things. Hu can find me on Twitter and Instagram @everydaymarvin


In the December of 2018 one of my Caucasian friends suggested that we watch the first Madea Boo movie. I was instantly like “ummmmm…… we haven’t had the Madea talk yet have we?”

I generally have been like “ I don’t like those movies.” The Madea movie franchise is obviously VERY POPULAR and has probably racked in millions upon millions of dollars for Tyler Perry and company.

He probably didn’t think Madea would blow up like it did when he first started but it definitely has.

Personally, though I felt kind of funny about the whole thing. I mean they are obviously there to make people laugh but I kind of feel like it also does the following:

#1 Depicts a bad image of black culture in general

#2 It pushes black stereotypes HARD

#3 It doesn’t really bring anything revolutionary to the table

I feel like these are all very valid points to make.

Also we have been seeing men dress up as women for like... EVER!

Men in Dresses

You got Robin Williams in Mrs. Doubtfire, Dustin Hoffman in Tootsie, Martin Lawrence in Big Mamma’s House, Eddie Murphy in The Nutty Professor, Marlon and Shawn Wayans in White Chicks and the list just goes on and on! 

I understand why this is done again and again. There is something about a guy dressing up as a woman that makes people laugh. Where as when a woman dresses like a man it doesn’t tend to get the same reaction or traction.

Think about the movie “She’s the Man” with Amanda Bynes where apparently her performance wasn’t too shabby in it people just don’t seem to talk as much about it and I haven’t seen many other women try to follow this path.

Well now i am just getting off on a tangent right?!

So let’s get back to the Madea Boo Movie 1 review I was progressing through.

So after my friend suggested the movie I was hesitant but I was like ok I will give it a shot but if i don’t like it I will tell him to stop.

My Initial Reaction

I fully expected to tell him to turn it off after like 10 minutes. Lol

Though I must say it was actually GOOD.

I was laughing back to back during the whole movie. At one point my friend was laughing so hard he ended up spitting out his snickers bar he was eating. It was THAT FUNNY!

The writing,acting, cinematography,direction and basically everything was solid!

The casting helped a lot too and each character brought something different to the table. While Madea was the main event as always the other actors did a very good job of keeping everything moving along.

My Favorite Parts

There are 2 funny parts I want to point out and these are by no means necessarily the best parts but I just remember them well.

The whole thing in the movie was the father is going out of town and his daughter is being very rebellious. So he requests that Madea come babysit her for the night and prevent her from going to a party being thrown at this fraternity.

So the daughter wants to sneak out but she knows she got to get Madea and her friends to go to bed early or scare them really badly.

So at one point they start playing a board game and Madea is like I don’t like this.

A card falls out and it is a skeleton doing a dance of some sort.

Madea is like “umm... you keep playing with these cards you will end up like that skeleton doing that jig.”

I had to laugh on that one.( Now this might not had been what she said exactly but very close.(

Then the other scene is when Madea goes up to the attic to check out a noise and her friends don’t want to do it. So she goes up and ends up seeing a clown.

She is like I know I don’t see a CLOWN up here?! She then slowly backs away and runs down the stairs.

These parts were hilarious to me and there are so many more!


So after giving the movie a real chance I have to give it an “A”!

It is just a solid movie all around.

Now this doesn’t mean I will become a hardcore Madea fan by any means but this movie was enjoyable. I would probably recommend itt other non-Madea fans too!

So I hope you enjoyed my Tyler Perry’s Madea Halloween Boo! Movie Review and that is was a little informative in some way, I also want to hear back from others? What do you think about my Madea Boo! Movie 1 review and the movie in general?

Best,Marvin :-]

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