Roof Top Grill Jamaican Food Louisville KY Review - Rooftop Restaurant 414 West Oak Street 40203 Reviews

 Hi this is Marvin of  everyday marvin Reviews! Today’s videos all about  my  food review experiences with Roof Top Grill Jamaican Food located in Louisville KY. I go into detail about the food I have had there and  the overall experience I had and that others should expect to have when they visit it.

The particular location I went to  was  at  414 West Oak Street Louisville,ky 40203. Apparently they have more than one location  according to their website which you can learn more about them  at

You can also call in orders at  their phone number of 502 618 2287

I have been to this restaurant many times and  I just had to finally  sit down and  talk about   what i like about this place and what you  should  check it out if you haven’t already.

Let me  first say that I am not a louisville kentucky native.   I  moved here about   6 months again looking for a change of  scenery and to make a fresh start.

 I ended up moving to a part of Louisville called  Old Louisville which is mostly populated with  older houses. I have liked it  so far.

One day when i was walking I noticed this restaurant called  Roof Top grill and it  piqued my interest.

So I went and checked out their  2 piece  chicken meal special. Let me tell you the chicken was  absolutely  delicious, a little reminiscent of  KFC. It also came with  2 sides. I   generally get  the mac and cheese and  the  collard greens.  They were  good tasting too.  The meal comes also with  a corn muffin which is  scrumptious and a drink.

After my   first try of their food I knew I wanted to come back. So I returned several times to get that  chicken meal deal which  costed me only about a little over  5 bucks.

With a price like that I just couldn’t  refuse or turn it down. Eventually  u decided to try their  cheeseburger meal which was  close to 7 bucks  and it was   right what the   food doctor ordered.

I also ended up eating that  several times! 

 I tried out both of their  fish sandwiches which  come in  cod or tilapia I forget which and catfish. A word of warning the normal fish sandwich costs about 3 bucks but if you request  with  catfish  expect to pay  4.50. I learned that lesson the hard way. Lol

It was  still  worth it though even at the higher price.

So if you are ever in the old louisville ,ky area and you’re hungry   go check them out. They  do a lot of authentic jamacian food as well which i still  have not tired because i love their chicken so much.

Though I  recommend you do  whether it be their  jerked  chicken, ox tails or what have you!

I regard to covid-19 akak coronavirus they are doing the best practices to keep themselves and their customers safe. These include physical distaning, masks are required inside at all times and  hand sanitizer is available at no extra cost.

So check them out at 414 W Oak Street

5026182287 Louisville ,ky 40203.

You can also call in orders at  their phone number of 5026182287

I hope you found this Roof Top Grill Jamaican Food Louisville KY Review helpful and will go there soon!

You can catch me at Twitter and Instagram @everydaymarvin!



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