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DON’T YOU DARE DOWNLOAD THE FREEBIRD RIDES APP UNTIL YOU SEE THIS! Are considering trying out the Freebird rides rideshare cashback app soon or are you already using it? Then you need to see this right away!

This freebird rides app review is going to cover how to STOP missing out on points when you use this app from this point forward.

You may have been using it for a while or are considering giving it a try well you need to know some information first! This is going to give you the knowledge you need so you get the MAXIMUM amount of points and cash from all of your freebird rideshare transactions!

If you are new to this application you may wonder what is the freebird rides app in the first place?

The freebird Rides rideshare cash back application is and FREE app that allows you to get back points and cash for all of your uber and lyft rides that you take.

You simple connect your uber and lyft acco…

😱 Madea Boo! Movie 1 Review - Tyler Perry's A Madea Halloween Boo Movie Review🤣

Are you searching for a Madea Boo! Movie 1 review today? Well my friend this post was created for you then! You will hear all about my first time experience in this Tyler Perry’s Madea Halloween Boo Movie the first one review article right now!

In case you didn’t know my name is Marvin and I run a small youtube channel called Everyday Marvin where I do reactions,reviews and commentaries to random things. Hu can find me on Twitter and Instagram @everydaymarvin
MY GENERAL FEELING ABOUT THE MADEA FRANCHISE In the December of 2018 one of my Caucasian friends suggested that we watch the first Madea Boo movie. I was instantly like “ummmmm…… we haven’t had the Madea talk yet have we?”

I generally have been like “ I don’t like those movies.” The Madea movie franchise is obviously VERY POPULAR and has probably racked in millions upon millions of dollars for Tyler Perry and company.

He probably didn’t think Madea would blow up like it did when he first started but it definitely has.


How Does Freebird Make Money Review - How Does Freebird App Make Money Reviews

Are on the lookout for the answer to how does freebird make money? You no longer need to wonder about this because today we are going to answer this just for you! You are going to find out EXACTLY how does freebird app make money and basically stay in business. This is while simultaneously providing a points and cashback service to all us UBER and LYFT users who regularly enjoy the rewards from this free downloadable application.

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Hello my name is Marvin and a have a small youtube channel call EverydayMarvin where I do reactions, reviews and commentaries to random things. I have previously talked about the freebird rides app and I felt a need to cover this again when I kept seeing the same recurring question popping up again and again.

What is Freebird rides (in case you didn’t know)?

Freebird rides is a totally FREE cashback ridesharing app. You link it to your lyft and uber accounts and hen ever…

Krispy Kreme Doughnuts First Time Review - Kripsy Kreme Donuts College Station Tx Reviews

Hey! Are you looking for reviews on Kripsy Kreme Doughnuts in College Station TX in 2019, 2020 and beyond? Well you have arrived in the right place my friend.This will fill you in on my first time reaction or experience to the new Krispy Kreme Donuts shop located at 1312 Harvey rd. College Station,TX 77840 in the post oak square shopping center. This will also give you a little bit of information on their hours, prices and their opening.

So I am Marvin of Everyday Marvin on Youtube! I like to do reactions, reviews and commentary on random things! My focus for this post is all about the Kripsy Kreme located in College Station, Texas.

Disclaimer: I often mention special offers in my articles which I believe my readers could benefit from if you decided to take advantage of these offers the creator will receive compensation back in return. This will allow me to keep creating more content in the future so thanks for your support!

My Previous Krispy Experience Let m…

Torguard VPN Anonymous Online Privacy Protection 2019 Review - Does Torguard VPN Really Work Reviews


Are you on the search for a Torguard VPN anonymous online privacy protection 2019 review? Are you needing does Torguard VPN really work reviews? Well you aren’t the only one. Hi my name is Marvin from Everyday Marvin on Youtube. Today I will be doing a review over this vpn service.

If you have been following me for a while and don’t know what the heck I am talking about right now….. NO WORRIES!!!

As you follow along you will discover the answer to many questions you might have. This review was created to help one of two types of people.

This is first here to assist those looking for a good paid VPN service to try, and this is also for those who have no idea what a vpn is.

I am here to cover both bases for you.

Let’s answer what VPN stands for?

Virtual Private Network and what it does is allows anyone to connect to a secure, private network on public wifi. This hides and encrypts your information …

Techsmith Camtasia Studio 2019 Reviews - Techsmith Camtasia 2019 Review plus BONUS and FREE TRIAL

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Welcome to my Techsmith Camtasia 2019 Review. This was made for anyone looking for techsmith camtasia reviews online and would also like a bonus as well. Here I am going to go over my long time experience with this software. Which basically stretches for about a decade at this point. I am going to go over how I started using it and how I have been using it for both entertainment , teaching and profit.
When I first started using Camtasia I had no idea I would end up using it so much! Not a lot of my of subscribers know this, but I used to be a song parody writer. You may say ok what does this have to do with camtasia? LOL
Bare with me for moment. I not only wrote funny lyrics to popular songs like Britney Spears Piece of Me, Justin Timberlake's Rock ya Body and Nelly Furtado's Say It Right.I also created funny powerpoint slideshows to go with them. These would involve a lot of animation and timin…

Blue Bunny Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Reaction - Blue Bunny Snacks Review

This is my Blue bunny chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches snack review and reaction. This is also referred to as my blue bunny snacks reaction. I am a Marvin of EverydayMarvin from youtube and I do reaction reviews and commentary to random things. I want to welcome you to my latest blogpost and video A couple of months ago I was in the my local grocery store and I was in the freezer aisle.




I happened to notice the blue bunny snack chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches and i just had to grab a bag. I think it was around $3.50 for the whole thing and it came with 6 individually wrapped ice creams.
I had previously tried the blue bunny snacks with the flavor of  salted caramel pretzel. I was surprised by them but …