Samsung Galaxy Note 8 vs Note 3 Phone Specs,Release Date, and Price Review

Galaxy Note 8 is all I and many others  can think of at the moment. They want to know abut the smartphone specs release and of course the price. Here you will find all that much more!

In this  article I will compare the new Galaxy Note 8 versus Note 3 phone swiftly.

My Love of the Note Series

I love the  note  series myself.  Whenever I whip  it out  people  would give me  and still give me compliments about it. It made me very proud to own it.Who doesn’t love having a fancy piece of useful technology to show off. It’s like having a hot date and knowing that others want it but for whatever reason they  can’t.
I owned the note  2 and I currently own the  note 3 at the moment. I got it over 2 years ago now and I still love it! It  still surprises me in good ways from month to month.

The Discovery of New Information Leaks

When I heard about the upcoming Note 8 I was  very excited to hear about it. Especially after hearing about the  disaster which was the note 7. It almost guaranteed the  closure of the  Note series for good with it’s  explosions and catching  fire at times.

Now there were several other notes that lead up to the note 8 like the 3 which I currently  own. The note 4, and note 5. These phones received pretty good reviews and people was happy to own them for the most  part.

So Let’s Get Down to the Main Event which is Note 8 vs Note 3…

This will cover the specs,release and price of the  newest  note in the line.
Let’s start off with the  general overview of the Note 3
The official release date was September 25th of 2013. You can imagine this  little piece of technology  caused quite a buzz. It  has a 5.7 inch display and screen resolution of  1080x1920 pixels. Super AMOLED touchscreen with  multi-touch abilities and The protection  of the screen was provided by corning gorilla glass 3.
The overall dimensions were 5.95 x 3.12 x 0.33 inches  or  151.2 x 79.2 x 8.3 mm

Now let’s talk about the much  hyped up Note 8 Phone

This is meant to be the  welcome successor of the  ill-fated  note 7 which the Samsung company probably wants everyone to  just  forget about at this point. This new phone is meant to be the saving grace and re-establish the  note series as one of the best high end smartphones around and  slay the  the new iphone 8 in the process.
 The  release date for the note 8 is set for September 15 with pre-orders being available as soon as  August 24 or 25.

What is the 2017 price for the Note 8 in the USA,China,Saudi Arabia,Australia.

The price for the 2017 Samsung Galaxy Note 8 64 GB version is set at around $941 US Dollars  this would  be roughly 6288 Chinese Yuan (875 British Pounds, $1475 Australian Dollars, $4411.17 Saudi Riyal...these are  just rough estimates)

*128 GB Version ($1,061 USD or  7088 Yuan)
*256 GB Version ($1,196 USD or 7988 Yuan)

The  note 3 was  around $700 USD Dollars around it’s release. Now several years have passed and many upgrades have been performed since then. This could  possibly explain the high mark up for the new note 8.

Now on with the rest of the general review…

The new  galaxy note 8 will have a  6.3 inch  display with  2960x1440 pixels. It will also be Super AMOLED with Infinity display and  minimum bezels. The screen will also be protected by corning gorilla glass 5 this time around.
The over device dimensions will be 6.40x2.94x0.33 inches or  162.5mm x74.6mm x 8.5mm

One  quick question I had to answer for myself was  what are  bezels on a smartphone?

I know I wasn’t the only one wanting to know this so I took a look on google  and was happy to finally find an answer that  satisfied me.
Bezels on  a smartphone are simply the frame in which the  display screen is surrounded with. The  Note 3 whenit first cam eout and even in2017  has  easy to see bezels or a frame all around it.

The  new  note  8 will  reduce this and only has bezels  visible on top and on the bottom. This mainly to  enhance the visual experience for the user.

The Operating System and System Chipset

The Note 3 ran on  Android 5.0, 4.4.4,4.4,, and 4.3. it has a  Qualcomm SNAPDRAGON 800 MSM 8974 chip with a quad-core.
On the other hand there is the  Note 8 which will run on Android 7.1. It  will come with ether a Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 MSM8998 chip  or  Exynos 8895 chipset. It will have a Octa-core setting it way ahead of it’s predecessors.

Let’s make a comparison with the  
Memory, Built in Storage and  Storage Expansion

 The Note 3 sported  3GB memory an up to 64 GB built in  storage. It also  had the ability to  use microSD, micro SDHC and microSDXC cards for  storage expanison

On the other hand there is the note  8 which will have a 6 GB of RAM or memory. It will actually  start at the basic level with 64GB  going all the way  up to 256 GBof built in  storage. The  storage expansion capabilities will be  quite expansive as well with a   up to 256 GB with either microSD or  micro SDHC cards

What About The Camera and Camcorder?

Note 3  had a nice  camera and camcorder with  13 mega pixel, LED autofocus, back illuminated sensor , digital  image stabilization, burst mode, HDR mode and much  much more. It  also has a front faing  camera with  2 megapixels.
The Note 8  has  12 megapixel with  optical zoom 2.0x. It will possess the  dual camera with optical image stabilization, RAW image capture among others things.

Let’s Turn Our focus to the Battery…

Note 3 had a 3200 mAh Li-Ion battery whIch the user  could  replace at will with  optional wireless charging.

The note 8  will have a  3300 mAh battery which will not be  replaceable  This could most likely be  due  tohe  ip68 certified rating.

What does ip68 certified mean?

 This rating simply means that  the smartphone is  water resistant to a maximum depth of 1.5 meters for up to 30 minutes and are protected from a dust, dirt, and sand. This all without the need for  extra caps or covers.
Just to  name a few more  features  of the  new  Samsung Galaxy Note  8 it will have an iris scanner, fingerprint scanner as well.

The Special Thing about the Note Series

The thing that makes the  note series stick out the most is the  s-pen. It allows any user to instantly turn their phone into a notepad with ease. The s-pen on the  note 3 was  wonderful but the  new s-pen will have a clickable  button on it’s end  along with another one on the length of it. This will come with a few more abilities then previous.

The reported colors for he note 8 will  be black, gold, silver and blue.  There could be more  but these are the reported ones as of  now.

So is the Samsung galaxy note 8  worth the  wait or should you wait for the Samsung Galaxy note 8? 

The fact that the release is just around the corner and it has many updates and cool things that make even the  galaxy s8 and S8 plus look a little less cool by comparison. Why not  grab your own copy of this phone.

One more  of the new features that has been reported  as well is that the  new note 8  will use a force touch-style that will focus on  the pressure sensitive display and allow the abandonment of  the traditional home button. This will be similar to  the  Apple smartphones in this manner.

Now that you have gotten the skinny on the  Samsung Galaxy Note 8 phone versus the Note 3 (III) specs,release ,leaks and prices. You might want to consider finally upgrading….


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