Website & App Review - is Skillshare Legit or Even Worth It?

Do you  have  questions about wheter the Skillshare website  is  legit or worth it? Maybe you have never heard of  Skillshare before and you are just curious about what it is all about? Well this review will tell you all that  and more plus find out if it is  legit/worth it for you!

So first what exactly  is  Skillshare in the  first place or What’s on it?

Skillshare is  basically  place  where people  with various skills come to together to share their knowledge with anyone who is a member of the platform.  In turn anyone who is a member can login and view  online courses taught by  instructors. When the instructors courses are watched they  earn revenue for this and Skillshare pays  the instructors based on this.

Some people have managed to turn their knowledge/skills into courses and  make  full time incomes from this platform alone.

Anyone can make  courses and upload them to the website and so this levels the  playing field for just about  anyone. You  don’t need a degree just a willingness to  participate and learn.

What Does Skillshare Cost for Membership Access? offers  2 main membership types. You can either be a free member and watch tutorials but  there is a limitation to what you have access to.
So how much does Skillshare  cost if you decide to upgrade?

 If you become a paid premium member, then you  will have have unlimited access to as many tutorials/online classes as you want. This is paid either through a monthly fee of  around $15 bucks last time I checked or you can pay a yearly/annual membership fee which gives the same benefits but  you  can save   considerably more over a 12 month  period. This comes out to $8.25 per month when paying annually.

My Personal Experience with Skillshare (or Why Use Skillshare)

So I was  looking for ways to  cash in on my  video marketing knowledge/skills and I ran across a guy who  seemed very  competent and I watched one of his videos.  His name is Howard Lynch and  has  many classes on   the platform worth checking out!
This eventually lead me to Skillshare and I ended up watching several of his videos and this in turn lead me to other  videos that  I was interested in.

Eventually I decided to  try the  free premium membership trial. Where you  try it for 2 months free and if you don’t like it then you can cancel at any time.
I will also have a link to this special 2 month offer at the end of this post as well!
I have so far really  enjoyed my membership and have learned so MUCH. To be honest I could have found some of these online tutorials on YouTube,  but you have to wade through a lot of relatively poor material before you get to the good stuff when it comes to certain topics on  Youtube.

Skillshare website has a way of sort of weeding out  the  poormaterial and providing it’s users with  more  quality in return. I always generally walk away from  the website with a feeling that I haven’t wasted my time. There is always something useful to gleam from it’s videos.

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The App Review

One of the  smartest things I recommend that anyone does once they  join Skillshare is to  download the  Skillshare app. This allows  you to access the content easily on the go with mobile or  wifi access. It  really  streamlines the website’s material and can allow you to learn even faster.

One of the other great  advantages of  downloading the app is you can download the  actual online video course classes. So  for instance  if you  know you will be going to a place where you will have little or no internet access.  You can  simply download  the  course you want with the download button located under each video in the app and have your lessons ready when you are.

I have  performed this action several times and  I was quite happy with the results. This is also good if you’re mobile data is weak in  certain spots or areas.

Why use Skillshare?

It  is full of  knowledgable people who  sincerely want to help you no matter what you might be interested. This could  web design, online marketing,business,professional skills,arts and crafts and the  resources just go on and on.

The quality of  the video tutorials are generally  higher on it than  youtube or  anyplace else online.

What about Udemy? (The Skillshare versus Udemy Breakdown)

There is another  website with a similar premise which is  called This website also provides tutorials or online classes on  various topics.
The only  catch with  Udemy is you have to pay  for each  individual  class separately and  these can range from  $9 up to $300 dollars for access.

This can get  quite expensive if you want to take a lot of courses or want courses in  very  specific topics. The  information is  there on Udemy but unless you have an almost endless amount of money to spend each month you  might want to go elsewhere.

One  example was there was  course I wanted to take that was offered on  Udemy but I found a similar course  on Skillshare plus a few others that would have cost me considerably less than what I would have paid for 1 course on

I really like the  paying one  flat monthly fee for all the content I can consume on the Skillshare platform versus paying various prices  for  separate courses on Udemy.
So that’s my personal comparison on Skillshare versus Udemy.

How to Get Started

You can create your login to  Skillshare with  your  email and password. Or you can use your facebook login. This can save you  from having to remember yet another password in the sea of passwords you  already  have to keep up with.

Remember You can Make Money with Skillshare Too!!!

Maybe you  have some kind of special knowledge that you have  about  a particular topic. Or maybe you see  topic being  taught regularly  but you  have  better  or  different way of explaining it. Then Skillshare might be your answer to  an increase in  income whether it be  side income or even potentially  full time income.

You don’t know unless you try. Plus there are even classes on  Skillshare’s platform that teach you how to  go about setting up your own  online classes that students can enroll in and   watch while  earning you  money  each month.

This is yet another reason to  give  Skillshare a shot in my book. So  go check out the website  now and use the FREE coupon link below to  try at NO RISK

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