Hooked Deals Food and Drink App HONEST Review - How to Get FREE and Discounted Food Every Day with Your Smartphone

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Today I want to focus on  how anyone with a  working smartphone can  tap in to  digital coupons and  college deals to  gain  cheap, heavily discounted and even  free food on the go!


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As a disclaimer if you decided to action on any of the offers made in this post I will receive compensation for it. Thank you in advance! It helps to support my channel.

I am talking  specifically about the  Hooked Deals app which can be found and download from  either  Apple App Store or  Google Play.
I have personally used this app TONS of times to get  LOTS & lots of  discounts on  food  in my local area. I have seriously  saved at least  $50 or more  due to the  good coupon deals located in this  app which is free to  download and use. 
All I  had to do was download the app and  scroll  through local offers and then pick one I liked. Then go to the restaurant  and show them the hooked  deal coupon and  the  offer was instantly applied to my  order and  then  I enjoyed whatever I got to  consume.
So I bet  many of you  may still be  puzzled at  what exactly  you  need to do or why you should be  using this  app in the first  place.
So I am going to go over  the most  frequently asked  questions when it comes to the hooked deals app RIGHT NOW!!!
Hooked is a mobile app that allows you to  discover short-term, exclusive deals from the best local restaurants around you
How do I sign up?
Download the Free mobile app in the App Store or Google Play store. Hooked  appears as  “Hooked Deals” in the stores. You can sign up with your  facebook account or  by entering your email and creating a  password and filling out a few other  details.
What are  Hooks?
 Hooks are what deals are called that you find in the app. These are short term and  created by local restaurants around you. The hooks are  displayed based upon your  location and available to use at   that very moment. The  hooks  seen in the app are  exclusive to  hooked users only. These  deals can not be  redeemed without  the app itself.

 #1 open up the Hooked app and check out your local deals. Once you  decided on one just go  to the  business and tap the “Use It Now” Button before you  pay. Make sure  to show the cashier or server that you redeemed the deal and pay the business directly
For a sit down restaurant  it is recommended that you  tell your waiter at the beginning that you will be  redeeming a hooked deal to save a lot of  potential confusion or  frustrations later.

How do I see what restaurants around me are  using hooked?
 If you  are within a hooked college market click on the map icon in the top right  corner of the app to see an overview of your campus and which restaurants participate. Each “pin” represents a Hooked restaurant. If the pin is green, it means that the restaurant has a live deal on Hooked at that very moment
What if the hooked button or time stamp is not  appearing?
In order to redeem  the hooked offer you must be inside the restaurants and within  the time  frame of the hook. Make sure your location services are always turned ON and that you are not connected to a faulty Wifi network. Sometimes, you may need to tap the “Use it Now” button more than once.

The free food events are  exclusive food giveaways and one-time special deals that  Hooked organizes for hooked users. Make sure to have the  hooked mobile app, and check the in-app messages and social media channels to stay current on upcoming free food events. A hooked team member will be at each event to answer any questions that you  may have.

How do I share hooked with my friends?
Tap the menu icon in the upper left corner of the hooked app which will dropdown a variety of options. Tap the  “Invite Friends” options, which will allow you to share the app or  select deals with friends via facebook and text messages.

Whom do I contact if have a  issue or want more information?
You  can contact Hooked  at  support@hookedapp.com
And they will try their best to assist you

I hope that  covered the bulk of what you wanted to know. I will be proving a  walk through tutorial following plus some pictures of  deals I have taken advantage of!

I have  used the hooked  food and  drink appmany times now around my local town of  Bryan/College Station. The list includes: Wendy’s, La Botana, Carter Burgers,Jamba Juice,Wingstop,Dairy Queen,Top Donuts,Kolache Rolf’s , Bahama Bucks and  more!
So is you like to eat out a lot like I do and  want to save money without having to carry a bunch of  coupons around the  hooked deals ap is the way to do it.

Some may wonder how  does hooked food app make money. Well I did a little bit of research and  found out that thy   sell advertising spots to businesses looking to bring in new  customers via the  app. They have a few different advertising packages that  can  f for a  variety of  business models and budgets.

Thankfully I live in a college town ,Home of Texas A&M because if it wasn’t for that might have never heard of the app or used it in the first place. I recommend  taking full advantage of the free  hooked food coupons app. 

You really have nothing to  lose by ding so. It doesn’t need any  credit card information you  pay the  restaurant or business directly..
I have even started to see things besides food advertised lately.  So loos like you will be able to get more than just  discounted food and drinks with the app. 

Now sometimes you might not feel like going out. What if you  want to have  food delivered o you? Unfortunately the  hooked app doesn’t do that  but  another  app does.

Let me introduce you to  the favor  delivery app. This app allows you to get food from places that  normally do not deliver. I was able to get Sonic, Whataburger, and Freddy’s with this  app. It was  super conveniet to have the  food  delivered to me versus having to go out wait through traffic,lights, other people in line at the restaurant.

 I ordered my food and it was generally there within 45 minutes or so. The other cool thin is  Favor gives you  free food credit for  sharing  their app with you r friends. When you  share your  special favor referral code found in the app and one of them use it. You then get a $5 buck credit to use on your next order. 

I have referred so many people that I have literally gotten several free and  seriously  discounted meals easily!

You can download the FAVOR app and use the  following code “MARVW8Q “to get your FREE $5 credit  NOW!

So download he  Hooked Deals food and drink app to get great discounted and free food with your smartphone when you go out everyday. Then  download  Favor for wen you just want to stay in and munch down and get  FREE delivery with the code “MARVW8Q”


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