Make Money on Fiverr Seller Review – Part 2 More Tips ,Hints, Tricks for Fiverr How To

My other  fiverr success came from my love of powerpoint presentations. Every since I was in high school I had loved  creating  powerpoint presentations. I think it’s the ability to  be creative that I love the most. So I decided to offer that  skill on fiverr. I had seen a few others doing it on their gigs and they had had some  decent success. Plus I thought I could do a better job and offer something a little more  special since I was a creative type.

So  I did a little research to see what other gigs were using for their titles, sales descriptions and tags I learned  quite a bit from this. I complied all of this until I had a  good salespage. I also created a  sales video which I recommend everyone do. Fiverr it self has  said that  sales pages with videos generally convert better.

The good thing about creating a sales video is that  it doesn’t have to be long. I would strongly recommend under a minute. So like 50 seconds are so. This way you can get everything you want to say out before the cutoff.
In it you should  introduce yourself.

Then Say something like… For $5 I  will create a killer powerpoint presentation for you. Then mention something special about how you do it.
You can even say you how long you been doing it if you have done it for a while, say  a few years or so. People like to know that they are  getting work done by an expert/professional or someone with expertise.

You also need to say “exclusively on  fiverr”. People like to  think that they can’t get your gig anywhere else) and are more likely to buy from you. Plus the Fiverr website will approve your video faster if you include “exclusively on fiverr” somewhere in your video.

Also briefly  mention any  extras that you may offer and make it easy  to add to the cart.
You can do this by  adding  special gig extras while setting up your gig on Fiverr.
Try to make your gig special right off the bat.
Try to offer practical extras…
What this means is try to think of other things that relate to your  gig that  would be appealing to your  potential customer and that you could charge more for.
So I will cover a few examples of how this can be  done.


 With my  powerpoint gig where I  turned articles/text  into powerpoint presentation videos. The BASIC  GIG  said I would convert 400 to 500 word article  to a powerpoint presentation video.
I already had a special advantage because most  gigs like mine only converted articles to  powerpoint but didn’t include video. So most other  sellers would charge extra for  turning the powerpoint to video
But since I had been doing this process myself for years I didn’t really see the big  deal in just combining it all in to one gig for  a flat $5 (Eventually I raised my rate to $10 for a basic gig.)

I pushed my  gig as a  2-in-1 and customers  appreciated this and saw the value in it.
The extras I presented were as  so:
Voiceover - $10 per 500 words
Images - $5
More than 500 words – additional $5
Add background music -  $5
 These were all things that help make the finished product look better overall
Many buyers wanted these extras  because they wanted to have the best  looking powerpoint video possible.
I also provided samples in my  sales video so  people could easily see example of what I was capable of creating for them.
This normally  did the trick on  helping people decide to  choose me over all the other  similar gigs.
Some people decided to get the most  basic gig automatically. I  finished their  gig as  quickly as possible and then sometimes I would create an additional mini version  of their powerpoint presentation video and add one of the extras so they could get a  taste of what it would be like if they  upgraded their order.
So  for instance if someone ordered a basic  gig  of  500 words to be converted to a plain powerpoint presentation video.
I might  create an additional mini version video that  added background music or voiceover. When I delivered their gig I would include all the work that they requested  and  then add in the mini version of the upgraded work. I would try to upload this by itself. Because Fiverr automatically allows it’s  customers to see a preview of  the work.

This is unless it is uploaded in a zip file then this is not possible.

I would also include a note about it so for example:
“Hi (customer name or  username),
 Here is your completed work. I hope you  find it to your liking. Please let me know if you have any  questions or concerns. I have also attached a sample version of the same  powerpoint presentation video with  (background music,voiceover, whatever). I wanted you to see what your work would look like with this added feature.
I hope you like it. If you would like the full version  please let me know and I will send you a custom order for  ($5, $10 or whatever the cost is) and it should be done within  “X” amount of time.
Best, Marvin
P.s. I have also included a free bonus report to help you with your  business. Enjoy!”

So let’s breakdown what I did here!

First, I acknowledged them as an individual.
Second, I told them their original request had been  fulfilled. (Gave them what they asked for!)
Third, I made them feel comfortable to ask any questions or address concerns.
Fourth I surprised them with a sample of their original work with an upgrade.
Fifth, I  gave them an option to get the full version and told  them how to go about it.
Sixth, I gave them an additional bonus just for  ordering that will help them with their project/business.

People like to be treated like people.

Meaning  they want to be acknowledged and they  want their request to be taken seriously and  promptly  address.
People want to be  surprised in pleasant ways.
They also want to be given an option to choose something that  may be beneficial to them.
So in a lot of cases people choose to upgrade because  the original work was good,  the sample looked promising and they  got another bonus for  doing almost  nohting at all.
People like things easy and the easier you can make it for them the more  money they are willing to  pay you!!!

So say for instance you are doing article writing.
You could  charge $5 for a 400 word article and then as a gig extra you could charge another  $5 for articles that are over  400 words
You  could also offer to  convert  article into a pdf format for $5
Or  turn article into video for $10
The more done for you  the service is the more you can potentially  charge upfront.

Look around  Fiverr to see how  people are upselling customers and  cashing in.

Now while I hope this  information  has been helpful to you I know this isn’t enough to   get you  making  regular income from  Fiverr right away.
So this is why I recommend  checking out  Corey Ferreira’s website.

Who  is  Corey Ferreira? He is  rated a top  seller by  Fiverr and had  made over $4000 a month on  Fiverr repeatedly. He knows Fiverr in  and out  and has helped countless people  start making  actual money with the freelance platform.
I have personally gotten a lot of good ideas, tips and tricks from  his  advice. He  genuinely likes to help people and has written several guides on he topic at hand.
I loved his  Fiverr Success guide and found many  gems in it. Most  successful people on  Fiverr are too busy racking in money  to  share how they made Fiverr work for them.
So having him breakdown his Fiverr experience step by step and  talking about the easiest way to get ahead and start off right without al the pitfalls that most  people go through is very inspiring and helpful!
So I will provide a link to his  website here you can sign up for  free weekly advice from this  Fiverr pro to  start your  journey off on a good  foot!
Plus  you can  learn more about his  guides too that have helpful so many people along the way
So go now to



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