Hershey's Gold Candy Bar Review and Reaction - Did Hershey finally Strike Gold?

Finally after such a long wait I released a new  video covering the  new  hershey's  gold candy bar. The question is.... does it taste any good?

Well in this video you will find out just that!

I was at target not too long ago and i ran acrosss these bars. I  was  very curious about them! I finally  broke down and  bought one for  .89 cents These were on sale apparently.

I meant to try them right away but unfortunately  my  bar kind of melted in the sun.
I decided to try it out the   following day.

I was impressed with teh  wrapper and ht   initally  look of hte bar itself. The  pattern was interestng and kind of gave off a  golden brick road  vibe.

I found hte bar itself ot be  tasty and different from  any other  hershey's candy bar that i had  had before.
I am fan of  the hershey's cookie and  cream bar but this bar  is  a nice  substitute for it in a pinch.

I am generally not a big fan of peanuts to be honest  but  they work with the pretzels  in this  particular bar.

I give this bar  an "A" overall for  taste and  look. If you like  caramalized creme,  pretzels and peanuts. Then  this could be the perfect bar for you!

You may wonder where can you  buy  hershey's gold candy bar at? Well I found my  bar at Target but you can probaby find a bar at you r local  convenience store.

I wish you lots of enjoyment when you  do finally locate one and eat it. This pretty much coversmy  reaction adn review to this  new cany bar by hershey's. I hope you found this helpful!


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