Christina Aguilera ft. 2 Chainz and Ty Dolla Sign Accelerate SONG REACTION

Are you wondering what  my  reaction is to  Christina Aguilera's new Accelerate featuring Ty Dolla $ign and 2 Chainz (which is Kanye West produced by the way)? Well you are defintely in the right place then my friend for a review. You  are gonna get  just that! This reaction and review will only be in regards to the song. I might try to do one later for the music video which deserves it's own blog post to say the least!

So Christina Aguilera now has a BRAND NEW song out andusic video to go along with it. I couldn't be the last in the know so I scrambled to go find it and listen to it right away. Also AJAYII channel had a reaction up and I knew I had to hop on it too!!! LOL

So it has been a while since  Christina has really put out new music. She is what I would  regard as a music veteran with multiple hit records underneath her  belt and  a good chunk of hit singles  to boot. I have also witnessed several changes from her over the years. 

She was at first the  pop star shiny and glistening then she  got dirty right away. Then she cleaned up some and got back to the basics. Then she  decided to  try out lady gaga's path for a little while. Then she  simmered out some with her Lotus album.

So now we  arrive at ACCERLERATE featuring  2 Chainz ( who I didn't realized was  still making music) and  Ty Dolla $ign who I never really  followed but I was  aware of.


So I decided to listen to the complete  song on  camera with my 2-in-1 RCA Galileo tablet. So what was my first impression?


It was hard to follow at first. 2 Chainz attempt at singing was distracting and deciding ot have him through the whole song was  nit the best choice I felt.

Ty Dolla $ign's rap was ok but ihaev heard better. It  kind of gave off a "tired" feeling overall.



I could follow the song a little better this time but  2 Chainz was still a bit distracting, unfortunately. Ty Dolla $ign's rap was ok once again nothing to write home about really.

Christina's vocals are still on point. She basically sings about getting hyped up and  meeting  up with some guy.

I would give the overall song a B. It Is one of those songs that requires multiple listens to like it. Accelerate  isn't a  BLOCKBUSTER HIT right out the gate but it has potential.

Kanye West apparently produced it and it does kind of have his vibe on it. This is especially prevelant upon a second listen.This has been my  review  of  Christina Aguilera's  Accerlerate featuring  2 Chainz and Ty Dolla Sign.

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