Kolache Capital Bakery Bake Shop Downtown Bryan TX Review


Have you been to  Kolache Capital Bakery yet in  Downtown Bryan,TX? Well if you haven't then you are definitely missing out on a  treat my friend! In this  presentation I'm a going ot talk all about   what to expect from this  Kolache centered restaurant.  This is clearly my own opinion  but I hope you find it helpful!

So what  is  Kolache Capital Bake Shop?

This is a small restaurant located in the  Downtown Bryan TX area. It is  basically in between Murphy's LAW,  a restaurant and bar of sorts, and  Harvest Coffee Bar (Which I Have a  review to  and a link I'll be  provided to watch it!)

Kolache Capital is located  on 105 N Main St Suite 112, Bryan, TX 77803. They are open between  6 am and  2pm Monday  thru Saturday.

I have have always seen this restaurant but have ever  had an opportunity to actually try it. My mom and her friend had tried it out and told me good things about it.
Finally one of my friends asked me if I had been there and I responded no. So he was like we should definitely go and iw as all for it. I finally wanted to be in the know with everyone esle!

The Day of Truth 

So on a Saturday around noon  we met up there. I came in through the back alley entrance which is far from the  Clara B. Mounce Bryan Public Library. It is probably less than 2 minute walk from it.

I was excited to try Kolache Capital becasue of what I had heard about it. I ended up ordering a Czech burger which was my first as far as I know! I also had a green chilli soup/ green bell pepper/ green soup.I forgot exactly what kind of soup it was but I knew it was green!LOL

I  was a little lerry about the soup at  first but I found that it actually went  well with the  burger. The burger itself was  basically a set up  like a pig inablanket with  some   meat andsauce  spilling out of the top.

It  had a toothpick with a cherry tomato on top too! I had a side of  Vicki's chips and a drink. I found the overall meal to be  very delicious indeed!

The Inside of Kolache Capital

The inside of this restaurant  was  clean and  a little rustic. The decor I found to be very  inviting even if the restaurant it sel wasn't  super spacious. They have bar  Stool and  regular  tables and chairs for those who prefer that.

The service was  friendly and a peaceful atmosphere when I ate there. My meal came out to be  $8 bucks with their special.

I give this place an A+ and wouldn't mid  going back their when I can.


While this a nice restaurant I do have one small issue with it. It is the location. It can be a bit difficult for a new person to find the location without really looking hard for it. The front of it is actually a whole other store entirely.You will come through the front door and then look straight down the  hallway  to a sign that  says Kolache Captital and you will need to walk  that way and keep walking until you happen upon the  see thru door og the actual restaurant.

You can all come in  through the back alley if you choose so as well .

So  if you were thinking about  eating at Kolache Capital... JUST GOT FOR IT!!!

I hope you found this review helpful and happy eating to you and yours!

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