Taylor Swift 1989 Deluxe EDITION Album Reaction and Review

Hey there! Are you searching for a reaction to  Taylor Swift's 1989 album online? Well you are in just the right place my friend. Last week I focused on  her  most recent album Reputation  which she is currently on tour for.

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This week I thought it would be nice to travel back in time a little  bit and review the album that lead up to her  current status as  an artist.

I decided to sit down with my  camera and film my reaction to her  1989 album Deluxe Edition. I had a lot of fun doing this  since  a lot of the songs were actually  singles on this album.  So I will go track by track and give my  opinion and thoughts on them.

1. Welcome to New York - This starts the album off right  with a nice introduction of where Taylor is taking on new adventures and bringing us along for the ride. I used to hear this song all the time everytime I went to McDonald's. I was like this sounds like her but  this  wasn't an official single that I know of. I think it was  good way to start things off.

2. Blank Space - This was  the  third single I believe. I remember the first time I  heard this I  was like "Ok TAY!" I was surprised by the more  urban feel of it since she doesn't normally do that. I remember it getting a lot of play on radio during the time. The music video also shows a a new way of kind of  like seeing Taylor. She gave off the  more crazy side!!!

3.Style  - This song makes me feel like I should be on  motorcycle  driving  down a long  desert road. It is supposedly about  One Direction member, Harry Styles. It is a solid pop number and  also got lots of  radio play too! It is another GOOD one to have on the roster. There was A pull for  this 80s sound on the album and the songs for the most part fit this vibe.

4. Out of the Woods - This is one of my personal favorites for the ALBUM. I remember when the music video came out I was  impressed and I loved the song as well. It makes me wanna get up and go running. It also kind of gives me this Duran Duran or  The Cure vibes. I really love this one!

5. All You Had To Do Was Stay - I think this is another  well written number and I like how they  say "stay" to help emphasize the word. It is  catchy and fun to move along to.

6. Shake It Off - This is the big lead single from the album and  pretty much is the stand out  track being the most pop centric one out of the  whole mix at least in my opinion. This makes you want to get up and get active. I love the message and find it kind of  empowering. At some point you do have to shrug off what others  say and just  do your thing and not worry about the outside so much. I remember an aerobic  workout video being synced up with the song at the time.

7. I Wish You Would - This is an OK song but unfortunately due to it's placement on the album it  feels a little underwhelming after Shake It Off. To be honest any song that came immediately after Shake It Off was  destined to   pale in comparison.

8. Bad Blood - This was the big single but  not this version of it. The remix with Kendrick Lamar was what I first heard and  that version is the one I really loved and repeated several times. When I first heard the album version I was disappointed. I expected the rap to come on and it didn't. I have  come to  like the album version a little bit more  but wish it was the remix here instead.

9. Wildest Dreams - This is another one of my  favorite tracks on the album. I freaking loved the video which was so cinematic upon viewing. The song goes off a very moody kind of  feel of  reminiscing . In my reaction video I really act this one out!

10. How You Get The Girl - This is an OK number. It kind of feels  closer to filler for me, personally. I am sure this song has it's fans but  it  just doesn't really  pull me very much. 

11. This Love - This song is  very  nice and calming to listen to. I can imagine  doing a yoga to this, honestly. This isn't something I am gonna jam to necessarily but it is a nice  number to  rest to and  think about love.

12. I Know Places -  I  found this song  a little  different  from the  rest of the pack and one of the more stealthy numbers. I like the sense of adventure and freedom it seems to project. This one I definitely  liked.

13. Clean - This is another album favorite for me!  l like the analogy of  drinking in comparison  to getting over a person or letting go of a relationship. I  like the overall feel of the song and it has kind of a sober feel to it. This song also ends the standard edition of the album.

14. Wonderland - This is the first of 3  bonus tracks. This song uses another  analogy  of  Alice in Wonderland in comparison of  a  new  relationship. It is a solid song  but  not  a track I felt that necessarily went with the standard edition.

15. You Are In Love - This is slower number and  similar to  "This is Love" earlier in the album. It is a sweet  number and  an easy listen. I  like how her  vocals are layered here. A soothing number to say the least.

16. New Romantics - This song was a single actually and I liked it upon first hearing. It makes you want to go out and have some  fun! This was a fun way to end things out.

So overall  there are a few numbers I could overlook but for the most part this is a solid pop album . Its is well produced and written. A  lot of the numbers sound  fresh and cohesive. If you love pop  music  the this could be the ticket for you!

Make sure you check out  my  reaction video  up  above for my LIVE reaction to the whole album.


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