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John Mayer Heavier Things Full Album Reaction - John Mayer Heavier Things Review

CLICK HERE NOW TO WATCH FULL REACTION VID ON MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL!! Want to see a reaction and review to John Mayer's album 'Heavier Things'? Today's  focus will be on  John Mayer Heavier Things Album which came out in 2003.  I decided to take a walk down memory lane a couple of weeks ago and listen to his sophomore album. What were the results? A lot of nostalgia basically!!! LOL The reason why I decided to choose this album is because it was  one of the most important albums to me   when I was transtitioning from  adolescence to adulthood. I  found myself listening to this many times! I was even inspired to write some original compositions of my own due to this album.  Since I was bought up in a  very  religious home I had to sneak this album and  Britney Spears' Oops! I Did it Again into the house for  regular listening.  I found that Heavier Things  kind of  fed a  deeper musical part of me when it came to  topic matters of life and thinki