New Outlander 33L Packable Backpack on Amazon Review - Lightweight Foldable Best Backpack for Travel

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Curious about the New Outlander 33L packable backpack as seen on the amazon website and need review for the best backpack for travel? Well you are definitely in the right place my friend! You will learn all this and more!

You will learn how i ran across this backpack in the first place. How i received and hen unfortunately had it breakdown on me. Then how I manage to to get it replaced in  almost record time to cash in on the lifetime warranty!

Let me  begin my  story with how i came across it in the  first place…

For several years i had a blue Jansport back that  i just about took with me everywhere! I had had it all the way back from my  college days. I loved it dearly and it was quite durable to say the least.

Unfortunately,  after several years of  constant use the zippers started acting up and   the backpack was looking a little shabby.

I knew it was time for a replacement but I didn’t want to get the same backpack again. There is nothing wrong with Jansport it is a  solid brand and I would consider getting one again.

But I just wanted to  see what was new on the scene when it came to backpacks.

The Beginning of MY Amazon journey….

So I hopped onto Amazon which is seriously my go to online shopping destination and i started searching good lightweight durable backpacks.

I knew I planned to use my backpack everyday and  I wanted something that could take that but I didn’t want anything bulky.

It needed to be able to  be compressible or foldable and  easy to fit anywhere.

So after some scrolling I ran across the New Outlander 33L packable backpack . It had  4 and half stars. It also had several positive reviews. The product page was filled out with lots of details and pictures of the product.

It can also be referred to as the following:  “Outlander Packable Handy Lightweight Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack Blue Size 33L”

“New Outlander 33L Most Durable Packable Lightweight Hiking Backpack Daypack”


“Outlander Ultra Lightweight Packable Water Resistant Travel Hiking Backpack Daypack Handy Foldable Camping Outdoor Backpack”

So I took the  jump and made the purchase which at the time  sat around 20 bucks. I went for the larger 33L instead  the 20L. I am glad I did because it was just what I needed too.

When the new outlander backpack came it was in a small mini pack. I was  kind of surprised but when I unzipped it out came the full backpack.

Click Here NOW for NEW Outlander 33L Packable Backpack Travel Bag!!!

It looked  great and could fit all kinds of things in it. I  actually did a test and tried packing a bunch of different things I owned in to the backpack.

You can see the results in my  “unpacking” section of my video review. I was impressed with  the look, feel and amount of space ti had inside.The different compartments came in handy too!!!


So I had  gotten the  backpack on amazon  at the beginning of January 2018. It started to have issues  about the end of May 2018.

First one of the zippers came off it’s  track. The zipline it self stated to detach from  the backpack. Some of the backpack thread also started coming apart.

So I knew I had to get a replacement right away as the problem was only getting worst. I remembered seeing something about a lifetime warranty on the  product page.

The Resolution

I went back to it and  tried to find out how to go about getting  a replacement. It wasn’t the easiest find but I realized I needed to contact the seller and  through the Amazon message center.

You can get to this  by clicking the link next to  “Sold By” on the backpack product page. Then  click on “Ask a Question” button on top. Then it will take you to a page to choose  what your issue is and then you can submit your request.

After some  emailing back and  forth I was assured that my new replacement would be sent  quickly. I got it in only a few days later and I haven’t had a problem since.

I would recommend the New Outlander 33L packable backpack  on Amazon to anyone looking for a compressible or foldable  backpack.It can carry a lot in it and can fit just about anywhere!

Good backpack with terrific warranty!!!

Click Here NOW for NEW Outlander 33L Packable Backpack Travel Bag!!!

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