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Mariah Carey's Caution Full Album Reaction and Review

CLICK HERE NOW TO WATCH FULL VIDEO ON EVERYDAYMARVIN YOUTUBE!!! Looking for a Honest reaction and review to Mariah Carey's Caution full album? Well I have got exactly what you are searching for. I am Marvin of EverydayMarvin and I love to do reviews and reactions to various albums. Today's focus will e on the BRAND NEW Mariah Carey album named Caution. It had been a little while since Mariah has released an album that has gotten so much buzz behind it. It was suggested by my cousin to check it out. My cousin is a BIG FAN of hers and I consider myself a causal fan really. There are some songs of hers I do really love I must admit. Though I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore fan by any real means. I tend to like Mariah in selected portions. I liked her E=MC2 album for the most part. I also enjoyed her “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” more than I expected to as well! I never really got into her much earlier stuff. I really took a strong interest in her E

Jarritos Pineapple Soda Review and Reaction - Jarritos Pineapple Natural Sugar Soft Drink

  CLICK HERE NOW WATCH FULL VIDEO ON  EVERYDAYMARVIN YOUTUBE!!! Are you curious about Jarritos pineapple soda and want to see reactions or reviews for it before you buy? Well you are definitely in the right place my friend. I am Marvin of Everyday Marvin and I will provide this service just for you! I haven't really done a food reaction video or review in quite some time. So I figured why the heck not do one again! So here is my Jarritos Pineapple Soda Review and Reaction. This is Jarritos Pineapple with natural sugar and is considered a soft drink in stores. So this idea came to me mainly because my mom offered me some soda that she had originally bought but eventually decided to give away. So I was like why not make a video about my first reaction to this formerly unknown to me mexican drink. So I sat down and took a cup of it on camera. You can see the full results in the video that should be above this article. I didn't really know what to expect honestly.I was

Stan Lee is DEAD! My Reaction to Stan Lee’s Death

CLICK HERE WATCH FULL VIDEO ON EVERYDAYMARVIN  YOUTUBE NOW!!! Stan Lee is now considered officially dead. Here is my surprising reaction to Stan Lee’s death. I was taken back by how much h really impacted my life Here i give a brief explanation o f how i felt when i heard the news and how his artful expression has influenced me greatly. So I was casually scrolling through my facebook feed and came across a small post created by my cousin. It basically stated that Marvel Comic’s Stan Lee creator had passed away. I was in total disbelief. I denied the news at first but then i wen to go check it out on Google. There was where i found the official confirmation that he had indeed died. Many people wanted to know when Stan Lee died and he answer was November 12th 2018. I now seems so far away as i type up this short article. I felt like a small part of myself died after finding out this information. I hadn’t seriously noticed before but his reach and influence ha