Jarritos Pineapple Soda Review and Reaction - Jarritos Pineapple Natural Sugar Soft Drink

Are you curious about Jarritos pineapple soda and want to see reactions or reviews for it before you buy? Well you are definitely in the right place my friend. I am Marvin of Everyday Marvin and I will provide this service just for you!

I haven't really done a food reaction video or review in quite some time. So I figured why the heck not do one again! So here is my Jarritos Pineapple Soda Review and Reaction. This is Jarritos Pineapple with natural sugar and is considered a soft drink in stores.

So this idea came to me mainly because my mom offered me some soda that she had originally bought but eventually decided to give away. So I was like why not make a video about my first reaction to this formerly unknown to me mexican drink.

So I sat down and took a cup of it on camera. You can see the full results in the video that should be above this article. I didn't really know what to expect honestly.I was concerned since pineapple flavored soda is like my mom's favorite flavored soda. I was like if she doesn't like it, then I might not like it either but I took the chance.



I took my first gulp and I must say.... I liked it! (Which I literally end up saying about 3 times in my video! LOL)

I will be honest and I won't say that it blew me away but i enjoyed it. If someone offered this to me at a party or something. I would definitely consider drinking it.

After I filmed my video I went and watched a few other jarritos pineapple soda reactions and reviews. One of the reviewers mentioned that it tends to taste flater in the plastic bottle versus the glass smaller bottles you can also get it in.

I did notice a mild flatness to it, but the carbonation definitely was present. You can see me catching my breath several times after drinking it.

So there you have it! My jarritos pineapple Soda review and reaction. I think you should definitely give it a shot if you like pineapple flavored drinks and like trying new things.


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