Mariah Carey's Caution Full Album Reaction and Review

Looking for a Honest reaction and review to Mariah Carey's Caution full album? Well I have got exactly what you are searching for. I am Marvin of EverydayMarvin and I love to do reviews and reactions to various albums. Today's focus will e on the BRAND NEW Mariah Carey album named Caution. It had been a little while since Mariah has released an album that has gotten so much buzz behind it. It was suggested by my cousin to check it out.

My cousin is a BIG FAN of hers and I consider myself a causal fan really. There are some songs of hers I do really love I must admit. Though I wouldn't consider myself a hardcore fan by any real means. I tend to like Mariah in selected portions. I liked her E=MC2 album for the most part. I also enjoyed her “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” more than I expected to as well! I never really got into her much earlier stuff. I really took a strong interest in her Emancipation of Mimi due to all the fanfare that surrounded it.

I did enjoy a few select songs from her early days like "My All", " Anytime You Need A Friend", "Crybaby" ,"Heartbreaker", "Honey" and several more. She is just that pop star that everyone recognizes.

So without further ado let's cover Mariah Carey's Caution full album. I created a whole reaction video to it and you can see it right above this post.

The first song is #GTFO.I will admit that at first I wasn't crazy about this song. It was like one of the first promo singles and without much context it seemed out of character to me. Though once I heard it in combination with the rest of the album it seemed to make more sense. I found it way more enjoyable. The supporting background music does give me that elevator music vibe.

The next song is "With You" and I believe it was the first official single from the album. I liked it upon initial listening and still find it pleasant to hear. I think this will go down as a new Mariah classic. It definitely has that feel about it. She cusses in this song in the chorus much is like she did on #GTFO. I think this is suppose to come across as more real. Though I feel she could have made her same point without the F-word being included.

Then you have “”Caution, the album title track. This one for me comes across as an underrated bop. It doesn't really straight up grab your attention and is played close to the vest I feel. She doesn't go crazy vocally like she could have. She seems to be tiptoeing through it until the end. This seems to be her default singing mode for the first few songs.I like the song but there are better ones on here.


"A No No" song is next. It seems to me like the mandatory upbeat track beat wise. When you listen to the bulk of the album it is surrounded by mid-tempo and slower stuff. It is a fun song and I do like all the different comparisons she makes about how she is done with a relationship or a person. I especially congratulate her on using the words "irregardless" and "transpired" in one song! I also lied the Gilligan's Island reference.

“The Distance” follows and keeps things moving smoothly with Ty Dolla Sign. I appreciate both of their efforts on this one. They work well together. She sounds good if not a little airy (This could have been done on purpose though). I think his bars worked well for the song. I could listen to this one a time or 2.

“Giving Me Life” featuring Slick Rick and Blood Orange. This is one my personal favorites on the whole freaking album! I like the introduction which I found creative and unexpected. When she was singing the chorus halfway expected her to say "giving me life and it's killing me". This to me almost seems to feel like a modern day version of "Killing Me Softly with His Words" sung by Lori Lieberman, Roberta Flack and the Fugees.

"One Mo' Gen" follows the previously mentioned track. This also falls under my favorites. I love to repeat this one and it has gotten stuck in my head several times in the last few weeks.It seems to me that a lot of the last tracks seem to be stronger numbers and more repeatable than the first few. This is a must listen and you will find it stuck in your head too!

8th Grade comes after and it also falls under one of my top favorite tracks here! I never really got the reason for the title other than it happens to be the 8th track of the album. This one I could listen to on repeat honestly. The ending was creative much like at the end of Giving Me Life but I wish it had it's own track.

"Stay Long Love You" featuring Gunna, is the next to last track and it is light and playful. It is nice to listen to but can't outshine the former 2 tracks. Gunna does a good job and i liked his part as well as hers. If this album had filler this is probably as close as it is gonna come to it.

“Portrait” is the last track of the standard US version of the album. When I first heard this number I grabbed my attention right away. The stripped instrumentals at the beginning of he song really helps to emphasize the lyrics. This song comes off to me as a true blue ballad but in a truncated form. As a Mariah Carey listener one is used her full form and often times lengthy ballad numbers. I feel like this song basically gives her style in almost bite size. The crazy vocals are limited the song length itself especially as a last track kind of feels short.This song runs 4 minutes and 1 second. Even though her song "Hero" runs at 4 minutes and 19 seconds.

I genuinely felt the words she was singing on his one and almost found my self teary eyed towards the end. This was terrific way to end the album I feel and brings something different to the album that the other songs don't deliver.


So overall I would give this album somewhere between B+ and A-. I do feel like she delivered a very strong effort here. I do think she has had stronger material in the past to be honest since I have listened to her other albums. There is for sure some stuff here worth repeating. It also gets props from me as being a good album to listen all the way through for the most part. Which with former albums of hers I always found I wanted to skip at some point.

This has been my Mariah Carey’s Caution full album reaction and review just for you!

So that's it! Make sure you follow me on Instagram and Twitter @everydaymarvin

Best,Marvin :-]


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