Los Caporales Mexican Grill Restaurant Houston TX Review - is Los Caporales the Best Authentic Mexican Food in Houston TX?

Here is my full Los Caporales Mexican Grill Restaurant in Houston TX review for all to see! This is located at 18718 State Highway TX-249, Houston, TX 77070. The big question I have to answer here is if this restaurant truly is the best authentic mexican food in houston tx? Well follow me on this journey to find out for yourself!

Hi! My name is Marvin of Everyday Marvin on youtube and I am here to share my mexican restaurant experience that I had a few weeks back in houston tx.

It was my birthday and I decided to get out of town for a bit. I wanted to see some new scenery and eat at some new places.

Whenever I am out of town I generally try to go for restaurants that I can’t have in my hometown. On my first night in houston I found myself pretty hungry and craving some mexican food.

It just so happened that there was a nice little restaurant only about a half mile down from my hotel that I could go to before it closed at 10pm. So I quickly made my way towards Los Caporales mexican grill restaurant. It was located in a shopping center.

It was getting late and on a saturday night and the restaurant was near it’s closing time. The inside wasn’t very full at the time which was ok with me! I like going to restaurants when there aren’t a ton of people there.

So I was quickly seated and brought chips and salsa which is pretty customary at most mexican restaurants. I decided to try something new and I got the Enchiladas Blancas which consisted of enchiladas covered in sour cream sauce & white cheese served with spanish rice and refried beans choice of beef or chicken fajita.

When the plate came out to me it was so hot that the waitress told me to not even touch it. The food was indeed real hot and tasted absolutely delicious!

I instantly felt like I had tasted some of the best authentic mexican food in houston texas right off the bat! I wasn’t expecting it to taste so darn good like it did.

I also ordered a strawberry margarita to go with it and it was quite tasty as well. I would recommend it too! They apparently have several flavors to choose from.

After eating at Los Caporales Mexican Grill Restaurant in houston texas I had to do a review on my experience there.

I really wanted to return there during my 3 day stay in town, but unfortunately I wasn’t able to fit it back into my schedule. Though you can bet the next time I am in town I will be checking it out!

So after all this I would have to give the restaurant an A+ for the great meal I had.

I would recommend this place to anyone who is looking for the best authentic mexican food in houston texas.

This has been my Los Caporales Mexican Grill Restaurant houston texas review. I hope you found it helpful and will take me up on this recommendation when you are in the willowbrook area of houston.

If you are reading this on my blog then you should see a video posted above where you can seem talk about my experience and all my wacky facial expressions that generally come with my video reviews. Enjoy!

Also I went to this place called Catfish Station while in houston texas too! I made a video about that experience a couple of weeks ago and it iS ready to view. You can watch here- https://www.everydaymarvinreviews.com/2019/04/catfish-station-jones-road-houston-tx-review-best-fried-catfish-houston-tx.html

Best,Marvin :-]

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