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HONEST Amazon Prime Reviews - is Amazon Prime Membership Subscription Benefits and Perks Worth the Money? (PLUS FREE Trial Code Link)

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BRITNEY SPEARS - ... Baby One More Time ALBUM Reaction - Britney Spears Full Album Review

This  will be my reaction and review to  the hit album "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears! So  this week my i decided to turn my focus to  Britney Spears'  debut album baby one more time. This is the album that  set it all off for her in a BIG way! This is also most likely her  most recognizable album or  at least arguably so. DOWNLOAD  FREEBIRD RIDES INPUT CODE V6918 GET $10 BACK AFTER FIRST 2 RIDES!!!  I will be honest this isn't my favorite album of hers. I listened to "oops! i did it  again" way more times. "In the zone" is another good one. "Circus" and  her self-titled album Britney were also a little higher on the list for me. Though  Baby one more time definitely has it's charm.  I decided to sit down and  really  take another listen to this pretty iconic album of hers. I must  say I had a good chunk of fun doing it. A lot of it  mostly served as a nostalgia run but there is nothing wrong w