BRITNEY SPEARS - ... Baby One More Time ALBUM Reaction - Britney Spears Full Album Review

This  will be my reaction and review to  the hit album "...Baby One More Time" by Britney Spears!

So  this week my i decided to turn my focus to  Britney Spears'  debut album baby one more time. This is the album that  set it all off for her in a BIG way! This is also most likely her  most recognizable album or  at least arguably so.


 I will be honest this isn't my favorite album of hers. I listened to "oops! i did it  again" way more times. "In the zone" is another good one. "Circus" and  her self-titled album Britney were also a little higher on the list for me.

Though  Baby one more time definitely has it's charm.  I decided to sit down and  really  take another listen to this pretty iconic album of hers.

I must  say I had a good chunk of fun doing it. A lot of it  mostly served as a nostalgia run but there is nothing wrong with that.

 This album had  5 singles and so that pretty takes care of a about half of the album.I also decided to listen to the   deluxe version which has a few extra songs.

You can watch the full Baby One More Time.... Deluxe album on my  Everyday Marvin Youtube channel

The  first song on the album is the  BIG HIT  (Hit Me) Baby One More Time. This song falls under the category of   just about  everyone knowing it to some extent. It is  the album strongest with the solid production and  her  somewhat sultry vocal delivery.

This song will  more  than likely go down fo rti's iconic video  that come with it. How can you not forget the image of Britney spears  dancing  down a school hallway!

This song is a classic and is fun o listen to again after so many years.

 The next song is  (You Drive Me) Crazy now  there are  2 versions of this number. There is the album version which is decent enough  but  sadly the album version doesn't include the  stop remix which is what the music video uses and became a pretty  solid hit upon release.

The stop remix is better for sure but the album version does have it's own charm.

The next one is Sometimes this was he second single i believe and has a nice mellow sound to it. This also allows  the listener to really hear Britney's unique voice better.

 always liked this song and takes me back to the late 90s for sure!This will always b a favorite of mines.

The next song is Sometimes which became the  second single if memory serves me right! This was  favorite of mines also back in the hey day of this album's release.  It  was nice to have something to listen to on  the radio besides the big hit single!

I  also liked the somewhat  somber feel of the music video that accompanied it as well. Seeing Britney and her  dancing crew all in white really stuck out and now i can see how it was kind of a continuation of  baby one more time except set outside on the boardwalk. 

Britney  get sot show case her bigger voice her and her  unique sound even more  so.

The  following number is  soda pop which wasn't  a single but provides a  different island kind of  feel to the album. I like this number and find it fun. There are  apparently  quite bit of  Britney fans that  hate this  song. To me this kind of serves as a precursor to her later island like songs like   "The Hook Up" "One Kiss From You"  and even "Slumber Party" somewhat.

Then you  have "Born to Make You Happy" which is arguealy my favorite song on the whole freaking album. The music video that  comes with this one  is also  well done and  quite memorable. It also has her  testing out some "Oops! I did it again" territory visually before  it would be  better explored and realized a year later.

The lyrics flow so nicely over the kind of  melancholy  beat and  really has stuck with me through   the years. Definitely one of the  best gems on the whole album.

This is then followed up with "From the Bottom of My Broken Heart"  which was another  single and i think one of the lowest charting ones. Generally her  slower songs do tend to  fair worse on the charts.  The music video for this one was also beautifully done and  went with the song.

This is a nice one to listen to every now and then but  I would  rather listen to "Born to Make You Happy" more so.

Then at this point in the album the singles are done and it is straight album cuts.

This leads to  "I Will Be There" which is fun number within itself  talking about how you basically have a friend if you need one. This is kind of like his album's version of  "Anytime You Need A Friend" by Mariah Carey with a much more  jumpy beat if you haven't heard that  song then definitely  go check it out after finishing this review!

"I Will Still Love You" with Don Phillips is also  another pretty solid album track  which could have also been a filler song  but it  can carry it's own weight pretty well. It also  has a nice  laid back sweet charm to it. The duet works well her too especially seeing as it is the only one on the album.

"Thinkin' About You" serves as kind of the  more urban number of the album. It definitely  gives me a little bit of  a  TLC vibe but  lighten up for pop audiences. This is kind of  filler number ot be honest but  a  fun  one  and  easy to to  sing along to.

The next song  is E-mail My Heart  which basically was written to capitalize on  the hot email trend of  the time. It is  heart felt number about  a  her  trying to get  her  former boyfriend to  rekindle  their love. It  is a nice one time listen at least. Sweet song much like  I Will Still Love You with a much more melancholy feeling.

The Beat Goes On  ( which is a cover  originally performed by Sonny and Cher) is where album ends  but since this is the deluxe edition you get even more songs! The  remake is fun to me but  it also seems to get a lot of hate  in general.

This followed by Deep in My Heart which i s up beat sugary  number about  believing that  there was only  one person for her the whole time!

I'll Never Stop Loving You  is  a nice ballad  but there are really already songs that  fulfill this need earlier in the album so it definitely comes off as  extra that maybe could have been  cut. Though it's a nice bonus if you like her ballads a lot.

Autumn Goodbye follows  which picks the mood up a bit and I found it  refreshing and fun  and  needed after  the ballad that preceded it. I could listen to this number a few times in a row. It talks of  how  a love started  in the early part of summer and  ends  upon the beginning of  fall. 

Finally it all ends with "I'm So Curious" which is a song about   her wondering why  her new love won't hold her  hand and various other  things. This is an ok number  and worth listen  at least once. This could easily be a song that could have been on  the sound track of some 90s teen flick.

The album ends here and  after going through  these songs the final verdict I give it is  an "A"

I do feel some of the songs do leave it all feeling kind of bloated towards the end but   this is a pretty solid pop alubm that represents pop music as it was starting to transition from 1999 to 2000.

Best,Marvin :-]


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