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Blue Bunny Chocolate Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sandwiches Reaction - Blue Bunny Snacks Review

This is my Blue bunny chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches snack review and reaction. This is also referred to as my blue bunny snacks reaction. I am a Marvin of EverydayMarvin from youtube and I do reaction reviews and commentary to random things. I want to welcome you to my latest blogpost and video A couple of months ago I was in the my local grocery store and I was in the freezer aisle. ACT FAST! DOWNLOAD IBOTTA APP & USE UP TO $20 PROMO CODE: QLOHRWK DOWNLOAD  FREEBIRD APP GET PAID TO UBER/LYFT:  $10 CASHBACK BONUS USE CODE:  V6918  DOWNLOAD LYFT & USE CODE FOR CREDITS: MARVIN398175 DOWNLOAD UBER & USE CODE FOR CREDITS: marvinw684ue I happened to notice the blue bunny snack chocolate chip cookie ice cream sandwiches and i just had to grab a bag. I think it was around $3.50 for the whole thing and it came with 6 individually wrapped ice creams. I had previously tried the blue bunny snacks with the flavor of  salted